Saints Row IV Preorder Now Available (Steam Key)

Saints row 4 steam sale

The Saints Row series marches on, with the August 20th release of Saints Row 4. Many were concerned about the series with the bankruptcy of THQ, but Deep Silver has grabbed the baton and set the game for an August 20th release date. Preorder copies get the “Commander and Chief Edition!” pack which includes a few in-games items like the ‘Merica gun, eagle jet, and Uncle Sam suit. If you know you’re going to buy this game, right now you can grab it cheap with a 20% off preorder Saints Row 4 coupon dropping the price from $49.99 to a more manageable $37.49.

Just watching the latest Saints Row 4 trailer let’s you know all about the tone of this game. Play the president in this Matrix meets Independence Day plot loaded with one liners and plenty of over the top epicness.

Saints Row IV on PC will activate on Steam.

Update: If you’re in Australia, you’ll receive the AU censored key for the title (which unfortunately probably means most of the jokes will be ruined). Saints Row IV has the distinction to be the first titled being refused classification by the AU board  ruling (effectively being a banned game until it got resubmitted with censored content). Until the law is changed you’re stuck with watered down games, Australian gamers!