Are You Ready For “A Dame to Kill For”? (Contains Spoilers!)

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We’re sure Frank Miller has done it again. The legendary writer on Robocop, Batman and Daredevil comics has teamed a second time with director Robert Rodriguez to follow up their original silver-screen version of the Sin City comic books. Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For’s trailer and promotional campaign promises 2 captivating hours of visually stunning content and steamy thrills.

The Story: Staying the Course

According to Miller, the sequel will be (once again) composed of storylines from various editions of the comic, but will be rooted in the story of A Dame to Kill for, his novel of the same name. It will largely continue the plot and follow the segmented structure of the original, entwining viewers in the happenings and experiences of various vengeful and brutal characters in the fictional town of Basin City. Miller’s innovative, stylized and high contrast visual storytelling will once again pull the clash of motives ever-present into one comic-book-like masterpiece. Don’t worry- fast paced car-chases, racy content and sensational violence will be there too.

The Cast: Something Old; Something New

Prepare for a second round re-stocked with a powerhouse cast- some of the most exciting stars in action film and sexiest faces in drama convene and re-convene to bring Miller’s dark tales to life. Like the first, A Dame to Kill For is team cast- meaning that it gives lots of stars lots of screentime- and the lineup is incredible. Returning to the franchise are Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Powers Boothe and Bruce Willis, who, among others, will hold down the fort while new actors/characters join the chaos that is Basin City.

Most exciting additions to the group include drama and action actors and directors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Eva Green- Levitt picking up “ace of spades” Johnny, endeavoring to take down Senator Rourke- and Green playing the comic books’ Ava Lord, aggressive femme fatale. Both actors we can expect to see a great deal of throughout the film. We’ll also be catching Josh Brolin and Juno Temple among the leads, portraying investigator and photographer Dwight McCarthy and Sally, clever call girl to Joey (Ray Liotta), respectively.

Among the new faces, viewers should expect to see a new face in an old role. Though most old characters and character-relationships will remain consistent with Sin City 1, sexy and sassy warrior Miho, played first by Devon Aoki, has been taken over by actress Jamie Chung, likely due to a scheduling conflict. What effect this will have on story-continuity is so far unsure; however, we’re confident that the change was handled tactfully.

Topping off the lineup of cast additions is Lady Gaga, casted in a cameo role as brand-new character, Bertha- whose role in the story is not yet determined. It may at first seem out of her element, but recalling the singer’s performance in Machete Kills, the Sin City franchise seems to be in-line with her big screen experience.

8 years is a long time to wait for a sequel, though perhaps its just long enough to digest the original Sin City’s graphic thrills and jarring visual features. So…Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For…we’re seriously doubting this will be ‘just another Saturday night’. Decide for yourself in theaters August 22nd.