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RadioShack Offering $100 Google Play Store Credit on HTC One Purchase

Looking to buy a new Android phone? Want something cool, probably more stylish than the Galaxy S4? Well, RadioShack’s new offer may be the perfect option for you. RadioShack is giving away free $100 Google Play store credit when you buy the new HTC One.


The HTC One is one of the top Android smartphones available at the moment. It’s a beautiful device and has even won a couple of awards lately. It’s a direct rival to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 and sports an elegant metallic design that puts even the Galaxy S4 to shame.

RadioShack is now giving away $100 in Google Play store credit with the purchase of HTC One on AT&T or a Sprint contract. (Sorry, Verizon and T-Mobile fans! No love for you)

RadioShack Offering Free $100 Play Store Credit

You can pick up the Sprint version of the HTC One for just $79.99, if you’re a completely new customer. Existing customers will have to shell out $129.99 if they want an HTC One upgrade. On the other hand, AT&T customers, will have to pay a hefty $150 price to get their hands on the new HTC One.

Whichever version you buy, RadioShack will give you free $100 credit for Play store to try out some new apps, games, ebooks, movies, etc. If you want to play around with some cool apps and other content on the Play store then this offer will surely come in handy.

This offer is only available for people who sign-up for either carrier on a 2-year contract. The offer will run until 30 June and it’s only available online.

If you’re interested in one of the smartphones then head over to RadioShack’s website, and get yourself a shiny new flagship plus free $100 in Play store credit. Hurry up, there’s not much time left.