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Most Popular Holiday Toys From The Last 50 Years

Christmas is less than two weeks away and we think now is the perfect time to step back and take a good look at the holiday season’s most popular toy’s over the last 50 years. Just about everything you would expect to be on this list is there (Can I please go back to the Christmas that Santa brought me my SNES? Please!?), and even somethings you would not have expected to be very popular (Pet Rock? Really, you were good ALL YEAR for a rock?). Either way, reliving our past Christmases is a great way to bring back that warm fuzzy childhood feeling. Check out the infographic below for the complete list of popular toys over the last 50 holiday seasons.

50 Years, 50 Toys: A Look At The Most Popular Holiday Toys Of The Last Half-Century


50 Years, 50 Toys [Abby Ryan Design via Laughing Squid]