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The New Moto X

All tech lovers across the country have waited with bated breath to be introduced to the new Moto X mobile phone by Motorola. Delivering a sleek, compact, and bold design, it looks absolutely stunning when placed against leading competitors such as the iPhone 5S or Sony Xperia. However, how do the features hold up when compared to its pleasing appearance and design?

The New Moto X: Are The Features Sure To Please?

The Moto X, although less technically impressive than the HTC One, only boasting a dual processor and 720p screen, still has redeeming aspects that keep you hooked from the moment you start it up. Most notable is the voice activation built into the headset, known as ‘Touchless Control’. The beauty of this function is that you can train your Moto X to issue commands from the sound of your voice alone, similar to the way Siri works in the latest IOS models. Although this feature is separate from the Google Voice Search, it can work alongside it for an even bigger improvement to performance and ease of use.

Another aspect of the Moto X that everyone is talking about is the camera, although it hasn’t always received positive reviews. Despite the turbulence surrounding the 10MP camera, it can take some truly magnificent shots that easily equal the high quality results of other leading android, windows, and iPhones models. However, it is a bit hit and miss with how your picture can turn out due to the exposure settings – you can snap the same shot twice and not get the same quality picture. That being said, its shutter speed is second to none, you just have to tap the screen to focus it, then click to take the pic. Nice, simple, and easy.

Overall, it’s a good, solid Android phone that has a wide range of features and applications that deliver the exceptional experience you’re used to with other Android makes. Nevertheless, it still has some issues to iron out before it can equal other high end phones within the market.