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Make Your Musical Instruments Pitch Perfect with gStrings

The way Android applications are discarding physical standalone devices is completely amazing. Android applications are call of the new age technology and this fact cannot be ignored. Released in the year 2009, gStrings is one such application that allows musicians to replace their plastic tuners with a chromatic tuner that can reside inside an Android device. With a simple and user-friendly GUI and support for numerous features, the application is quite handy and can save time, money and efforts to get those perfectly pitched instruments.

Support for Different Instruments

The gStrings application has been designed to tune musical instruments ranging from guitar, violoncello, violin and viola to piano, bass, drums, ukulele and wind instruments. Moreover, the application can be used to tune to a variety of notes, from sharps to flats, and those belonging to English, Central European and Southern European categories.

Gstrings - 1

Easy to Use

The gStrings application has the main screen featuring an analog gadget with a swinging needle, a tone selection menu and various control options. Based on frequency and intensity, the pitch of an external musical instrument can be tuned to the most appropriate value. You can view the meter showing frequency of each note from the range including c, d, e, f, g, a and b. The control buttons include:

Sound ‘target’: It plays the reference tone of the note that you select from the menu.

Tune ‘target’: It helps to tune the selected note on the basis of the most dominant frequency of the sampled sound.

Tune Auto: This is an exciting option for not only the novice, but the average musicians as well. It helps users to automatically tune to the most appropriate note.

Advanced Features

The gStrings application has a number of advanced features that makes it useful for experienced musicians as well. Microphone Sensitivity, for example, is one admirable feature that helps to set threshold intensity of the sound, based on the specific capability of the device’s microphone. Orchestra Tuning is another worthwhile feature which allows the user to adjust frequencies specific to classical orchestra and the standard values as well.

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A non-linear variable range scale and pitch pipe are other useful features of the application. Setting different temperaments, from just and meantone to comma and Pythagorean is also possible with the gStrings application. The recent versions of the application offers audible feedback feature for the blind musicians, I found it to be a great one.

The user can choose among 7 color skins available for gStrings. Available as free to download, gStrings is what every musician needs to practice good and impressive music. You need to be an enthusiastic musician and an Android user to claim this wonderful application. After installing the same, you will surely be on your way on becoming a better musician.