Loot Crate June 2014: The Ultimate Geek & Gamer Subscription Unboxing

Loot crate monthly subscription box

And the awesome themes just keep coming! This month’s monthly subscription Loot Crate theme is ‘Transform’. With the announcement of this new theme, a lot of speculation was swirling around social media debating on what Loot Crate’s upcoming theme could mean, prior to the box shipping out. Now that we have it in hand, we are happy to announce that the ‘Transform’ theme is one of the more awesome crates we have had the pleasure of unboxing. Let’s check it out.

Loot Crate Review: Let Us Break it On Down For You


As you can see, this month’s crate was full to the brim with incredible loot. So, why ‘Transform’? While most of the Loot Crate fandom hit the Transformers portion of the box right on the head, there were also a few other clever links to the word ‘Transform’ in this crate. Let’s break it on down and see exactly what June’s Loot Crate had to offer:

Loot Crate Mini-Mag


Last month, Loot Crate tried their hand at a digital mini-mag, but we were really happy to see the return of the physical copy included in the crate! In keeping with tradition, the mini-mag has a lot of awesome features. This one includes: a brief history of the Transformers franchise, and interview with “The Loyal Subjects”, an adorable comic strip titled: “The Loot”, a Transformers themed maze, featured Looters photos, a breakdown of this month’s Mega Crate (droolz), a Transformers Name Generator (for the curious, my Transformers name is: ‘Wild Quake’. Yeeeah, bad ass.), and finally, the usual breakdown of all items included in this month’s crate.

Collectible Loot Crate ‘Transform’ Badge and Lemon Warheads Candy


This month’s collectible Loot Crate Badge features Transformer art that reflects the Loot Crate Bus changing into an awesome Transformer-like robot. This marks the 6th badge in our collection and we couldn’t be more stoked. Also in the tiny goodies portion of our crate were three lemon flavored Warhead candies. Throwback! All I can think of is sneaking these into third block math class and trying not to make a face while I ate them with my friends. So. why Warheads? Because they TRANSFORM from sour to sweet, duh!

Marty McPrime Exclusive T-Shirt by Nathan Davis & The Hundreds


Only a Loot Crate Exclusive like this one could combine to things as awesome as Transformers and Back to the Future. This tee depicts a transforming Delorean that becomes Marty McPrime! Very retro, very cool.

Transformers Blind Box by Hasbro & The Loyal Subjects


This Transformer Blind Box held a random Transformer figure for Looters to be surprised by. We got our wish for Optimus Prime and basically squealed like little girls. Each box, of course, has the chance to contain various Transformer figures and we can’t wait to see what everyone else got!

Transformers Sticker Set by Hasbro & The Loyal Subjects


Looters randomly received a Transformer sticker in their crate this month that depicts the two major factions of Transformers: The Decepticons and The Autobots. Looters can battle it out on social media using hashtags #decepticrates and #looterbots depending on the sticker they received.  #looterbots Unite!!!

Transformers Hex Bugs by Hasbro & First Innovation Labs


Our first thought was: “What is a Hex Bug?” These cute little bug robots (which just so happen to be Transformer themed) zip and zoom around any flat surface and will battle it out with other Hex Bugs. Now that we have this one, we totally want more!

MLG Terry Cloth Wrist Band


This MLG wristband is a great way to represent your love for the competitive gaming community! Wear it to your next COD tournament, LAN party, or just wear it to the supermarket. Wherever you wear it, there will be no question about your love for gaming.

MLG GameBattles Premium Access

Mlg code

This month’s Loot Crate also included a month of access to MLG GameBattles Premium. This access includes an exclusibe Loot Crate Badge, premium ladder support, access to the members only forum, access to one premium online tournament/mo., and more!

MLG Sticker Set


Show some love to your favorite MLG teams! These stickers feature the logos of  Team Curse, Team Optic and Team Envy; some of the top MLG teams. Team Curse is already stuck in a place of honor on my desk!

A big THANK YOU to our friends at Loot Crate for sponsoring this unboxing. Don’t forget to check out the official Loot Crate website and sign up to get your own crate full of geeky gamer awesomeness delivered to your door each month! Use promo code : GEEKLOOT at checkout for 10% off your subscription.