Gorilla Glass 3 On Galaxy S4 Survives Knives, Keys and Coins

Gorilla glass 3

First Phone with Gorilla Glass 3

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4 is the first smartphone sporting the 3rd-Gen of Gorilla Glass. The Gorilla Glass 3 is a very powerful glass that according to the company, will prevent scratches from any type of material.

Gorilla glass 3
Gorilla Glass 3 on Galaxy S4

Look at the video below to see how the Galaxy S4 stacks up against a pair of knives, pen, couple of keys and a coin. This test doesn’t simulate the same scenario where you have to carry your phone in your pocket with some sharp objects like keys everyday for over a year. However, it shows that the Gorilla Glass is quite strong and resilient to scratches.


The Galaxy S4’s display is protected from any type of scratches thanks to the Gorilla Glass 3, which happens to be  3 times tougher and solid than its predecessor, Gorilla Glass 2 – found Galaxy S3. We’re certain that the new super-strong glass will also prevent any major damages to the display when dropped from a certain height, however that’s not yet confirmed.

Szaboics Ignacz got his hands on the shiny new Galaxy S4 early, and abused it’s glass to see how it performs in the test. Ignacz is a Samsung mobile tester who got this device before its release for testing, and Testing he did.

As you will clearly see in the video, Galaxy S4’s glass is able to withstand the continuous abuse from a variety of objects.

Now, we’re looking forward to seeing a Galaxy S4 drop test to see how the glass fares against abuse from falls. Most smartphones’ glass crack when dropped onto hard surfaces from a noticeable height, regardless of how strong the glass is. Although, the Gorilla Glass 3 is new and the folks behind it claim that it will withstand crack inducing damage effectively. So, it will be really interesting to see how the Gorilla Glass 3 performs in a drop test.

Samsung’s biggest rival is reported to use Saphire instead of traditional glass in its future devices. Apple uses Saphire already to cover the lens on its iPhone 5, but now the company is looking to replace glass with Saphire to deliver much stronger screens. We’ve also seen a demo of Saphire where a piece of concrete was repeatedly smashed onto the screen without even leaving a single scratch – now, that right there is impressive.

Do you prefer using protectors on your screen? Or would you prefer a screen that’s totally immune to any type of marks/scratches whatsoever? Let us know what you think.