Google Glass Companion App, MyGlass Now Available For Download

Google glass has begun shipping out to those early adopters who paid a hefty $1500 for the early Explorer Edition. To commemorate the Google Glass’ Explorer Edition launch, Google has already pushed out a companion app for the device onto Google Play. The all new MyGlass app is now available for download at Google Play store. It’s right in time for the first Explorer Edition shipments. This app will help users pair their new Google Glass with their Android smartphone’s and will share data between both devices.

Google glass companion app
Google Glass Companion App

It’s pretty obvious that the app is completely useless for those without Google Glass, so save yourself some time and don’t bother with it. Even the description of the app clearly states that “If you don’t have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time.” Although, there is a cute puppy in the screenshots of the app to keep the Glass-less users happy for the time being. You will also notice that most of the 5-star reviews are there because of the puppy.

Google Glass is the Future

The Google Glass help page explains that in order to connect Google Glass to a nearby Wi-Fi network, the MyGlass app will display a QR code, which will allow Google Glass to connect to the network. Users have to tap the touchpad on the Google Glass to take a photo of the QR code and connect to the specified network.

This will also guide the new owners of Google Glass through any steps that are required to connect the device to their smartphone. The app screenshots also show screens for adding contacts to Google Glass. Users can add contacts via Gmail/Google+ or manually.

In addition to Android, Google Glass is also compatible with iOS but there is no companion app for the platform yet. Hopefully, Google will release the app when Google Glass is ready for a complete roll out. If you don’t have an Android device (you shouldn’t have bought the Google Glass in the first place then) you can set up your glass on desktop at

Have you bought the Google Glass Explorer Edition as well? Could you tell us how cool/fail it is? Let us know by commenting below.