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Season 3

Georgia Guidestones, the Mandela Effect and the Worldwide Hum

In this debut livestream of Geeky, Cheeky and Downright Freaky with host Matthew Harris. Heu0027s going to examine some of the weird things thatu0027s going on in the world. Matthew is discussing the Georgia Guidestones, the Mandela Effect and the Worldwide Hum.u00a0

Author Jackie Sonnenberg

Jackie is the author of the semyhR yresruN books, a Young Adult/Horror collection re-imagining the classic nursery rhymes as horror stories. With a background as a haunted house actor, Sonnenberg uses her writing and acting skill to develop dynamic characters with interesting back stories.

Proof The UFOs and Aliens Exist

The recent FOIA release of videos from the Pentagon should give you a big clue to whatu0027s coming… but host, Matthew Harris is going to show you that the truth has been right in front of us all along.

Are We Living in a Simulated Reality?

Host, Matthew Harris is going to delve into the mind-bending idea that we might be living in a simulated reality. What is simulated in your life? What is true? Are your synapse firing properly? After this show, you might be in doubt.

Are We Living in a Simulate Reality? PART 2

If you thought last week blew your mind, wait until you find out that atoms are watching us. Weu0027re not even kidding.u00a0

Does Time Travel Happen?

Have you ever done a Google search for time travel and proof that it exists? Conspiracy theorists will hold up images taken from the past with no indication that theyu0027ve been digitally altered in any way. Sure enough, there are people through time that seem to be holding modern technology.

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