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GameStop Pushing Xbox One With Hashtag Promo

by Joy Etukudo

From in-store displays to contests, gaming retailer, GameStop is making a push towards selling Xbox One.

The newest contest #MyXboxOneMoment urges players to tweet, vine, or “Gram” it and tag it with #MyXboxOneMoment. As a consolation, everyone that shares one of these lovely Xbox One moments will be entered to win a $100 gift card from GameStop, weekly! While ONE lucky winner will get an Xbox One and games for an entire year…”KaBOOM!”. So yeah, maybe you Xbox Oners should SNAP to it. Who knows what other cool stuff they may give away!

But worry not; if you don’t have an Xbox One you could always test drive it at a GameStop near you!

Here are some featured moments from the site

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