5 Reasons Why Everybody Loves Chris…Pratt!

Blockbuster fever is officially in full swing and this summer, Guardians of the Galaxy has won our hearts and our money. It’s probably the most charming Marvel movie ever made. We are, in fact, so excited about a movie whose main characters include a trigger happy raccoon and an anthropomorphic tree voiced by Vin Diesel that we frequently forget just how ridiculous that sounds. But we don’t just love Guardians of the Galaxy, we love the actors too, namely Chris Pratt. The main Guardian, Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill or, as he’d prefer to be called, Starlord, gives the movie much of its funny, quirky flavor. And as Marvel’s marketing team has wanted us to see lately, Chris Pratt himself is just as quirky and fun. Here’s five reasons why we can’t help, but love Chris Pratt.

1. He is pretty good at braiding hair

In an interview with EW, he talked about his upcoming role in Jurassic Park while French braiding and intern’s hair. Typical interview. Turns out, he’s really good at it.

2. He tries to not make weight loss the center of every conversation

When most celebrities are asked to describe their work-out regimen they generally stress how tough they are, how little they ate how many hours they spent pumping iron, etc. In the same EW interview where he braided the intern’s hair, the interviewer asks Pratt how he lost weight and his answer is “man it was a lot of crying.” But he actually succeeded. Unlike other celebrities, he always seems reluctant to talk about getting in shape. Almost like he it doesn’t matter that much.

3. He is very good at improvising

Michael Schur, the creator of Parks and Rec, maintains that the funniest line ever said on the show was improvised by you guess who, Chris Pratt. Leslie (Amy Poehler) has the flu and as she is being dragged to the hospital, she walks by Pratt at a computer who says “I typed your symptoms into this bar up here and it says you might have network connectivity problems. Schur, as the person who writes most of the jokes, is still mad about this. “He did it once,” Schur said, “the camera happened to be on him. He did it once and I think it’s the funniest joke that’s ever been on our show.”

4. That one time he flashed Amy Poehler

In Parks and Recreation’s second season there is a scene where Andy (Pratt’s character), thinks that his ex-girlfriend, Ann (Rashida Jones) wants him to show up naked at her house. This being a sitcom he has, of course, massively misunderstood what she wants him to do and Amy Poehler is there to open the door when he shows up. Chris Pratt was supposed to wear skin colored underwear so that they could blur it out later. Apparently, skin colored underwear wasn’t quite getting her to freak out enough so he decided to go completely nude. She freaked out and that was, naturally, the clip they used. As he tells Seth Meyers, he was later admonished by NBC. He totally knows what admonished means.

5. He is basically a giant human puppy

He just really likes goofing around. Wherever he goes you get the impression that he’s just really happy to be there and really happy to see whoever is interviewing him.