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3 Things You Never Knew Siri Could Do

Siri is the native assistant app for the iPhone. To reach her, you’ll just have to hold the center button down on your phone (assuming that you have Siri enabled in your phone’s settings, of course). Most iPhone users use Siri to find the location to something or to look something up. But there are many features that Siri users typically underutilize. Here’s a look at just a few.


Time Zone Support

What time is it in London?

If you’ve tried to schedule a call with people in a variety of time zones, you already know how annoying it can be to try and make it happen at a time that’s reasonable to everyone. Sure, you could go online to find out what time it is wherever it is that you need to call, or use math. Or you could just ask Siri what time it is where you’re calling and make you call. This feature is great if you’re trying to make a call on the spot that you’re unsure about. Siri knows what time it is everywhere, so just ask.


Avoid Getting a Ticket

Read My Last Email

Texting, or fumbling with your phone, while driving is just a bad idea. It’s dangerous and thoughtless. But what happens if you’re waiting for a life changing email while you’re driving. That’s okay. Siri can read any email to you so you don’t have to look away from the road. Just ask her to read your last email and you can savor in that good news as you drive.


Never Forget Anything Again

Remind me tomorrow at 2pm to buy Mom’s Birthday Present

In a multitasking world, it’s become even more acceptable to tell others that you’ve forgotten to do something. But Siri insures that there’s no reason to forget anything ever again. She’ll even remind you at a date and time you specify. Sure, the iPhone can already do this, but entering all of that information into separate fields is a drag. Siri can take a sentence or phrase and fill in all of those fields for you. Plus, she’ll remind you and put an obnoxious notification in your phone. It’s a perfect tool to capture to do items you think of on the go.