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Women Veterans Transform Into Pin-Up Girls to Raise Funds for the Military

Since 2006, California resident Gina Elise has been dressing up as a pin-up girl every Veterans day. It is not only her way of showing visual support to American heroes, but also a solution to raise money for hospitalized veterans and deployed troops alike. 

As the founder and president of Pin-Ups for Vets, a non-profit that focuses on fundraising through vintage-style memorabilia for servicemen, Elise has been selling specialized calendars to veterans and the general public alike. 

While items such as badges and patches come with pin-up girl silhouettes and classic art, the annual calendar features women veterans who switch their uniforms for pin-up style costumes. 

With a little makeup here and a few accessories there, these women become ready to pose as pin up girl models and channel their inner love for America in a whole new way.

Pin-Ups for Vets is Dedicated to Bring Joy to Vets and Deployed Troops

Elise started Pin-Ups for Vets due to her deep compassion and respect for veterans and GIs. Since the start of the calendar’s issuance, she has been visiting hospitalized vets while dressed up as a pin-up girl herself. 

During such trips, she presents different gifts and the calendar itself to these American heroes. Apart from hospitalized veterans, she also pays visits and delivers makeovers to female veterans, military wives, and widows. 

Through these actions, Elise tries to outline how grateful the general public feels for the men and women in the military as well as the families who step up to protect their country.

The Organization Has Now Become an Institution In Its Own Right

So far, Elise’s efforts of showing respect and gratitude through morale art has shown its results in various ways. 

Pin-Ups for Vets has delivered various types of rehab equipment for injured vets, with its overall value going over $80,000. In addition to this, the organization has also contributed to health care expansion plans, care packages, and makeover programs to servicemen, servicewomen, and their respective families. 

The 2021 Pin-Ups for Vets calendar is the 15th calendar of the organization, and features 12 women veteran dressed in various pin-up girl attire. As always, the calendar intends to raise funds to help vets and GIs in their continued commitment towards their country. 

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Not Halted the Organization’s Charitable Efforts

Typically, Elise makes it a point to visit various VA hospitals across the U.S. in order to personally deliver the calendars and care packages. However, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the organization is taking a break from in-person visits to maintain the health and safety of hospitalized vets.

However, it is still shipping out its calendars and care packages directly to veterans. Through this effort, Pin-Ups for Vets is ensuring that it can continue to deliver joy and gratitude to these American heroes even during this difficult time.

It is always fantastic to see people who are being creative and expressing themselves while helping to provide a morale boost to others. But it is even more compelling when these other people are those who strive to do their best to protect the United States of America.

Here’s to the troops and those pin up girls and others that support them!


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