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With Motherhood, Control, and Business Acumen, Cameron Diaz is Living Her Best Life

A year after confirming her retirement from acting, Cameron Diaz recently sat down with Naomi Campbell for a heart-to-heart on No Filter, the model’s YouTube series. 

But unlike many of her peers, Diaz was not there to talk about a new movie or even a TV show. Instead, the Charlie’s Angels star made it clear that she is all about motherhood these days

Since announcing the arrival of her daughter Raddix Madden this January, the Knight and Day star has been keeping a relatively low profile. Except for choice media appearances here and there, she has mostly been focusing on family life and her new wine business labeled Avaline. 

Becoming a Mother This Late in Life Comes With Its Own Pressure

During her discussion with Campbell, Cameron Diaz broke her silence on the effects of motherhood – especially after welcoming her first child in her late 40s.

Diaz, who turned 48 this August, welcomed baby Raddix with her husband Benji Madden, who celebrated his 41st birthday two months after their daughter was born. 

According to Diaz, having a child this late in life definitely comes with unconventional thoughts, such as the pressure of living to a ripe old age. 

“The only pressure for me now is I have to live to be, like, 107, you know?” She joked on the show. “No pressure!”

But despite the slight strain of being parents in their 40s, both Diaz and Madden are taking it quite well and focusing on the wellbeing of their baby daughter. 

Most of all, they are thrilled at treating their offspring like the reward that she is for their hard work. 

The Holiday actress touched upon this approach as well. In a candid dialogue, she explained that having a family at a younger age comes quite easily, but doing so at an older section of your life becomes “a real choice.” 

“You really have to work hard for it.” She mentioned. 

Diaz Retired From Acting to Gain back Control of Her Life

The major life milestone comes for Diaz almost six years after she appeared in her last movie Annie in 2014. After confirming in 2019 that she is effectively retired, the star elaborated on the reasons behind her decision only recently.

Coincidentally, this also happened for another YouTube series, when she sat down with Gwyneth Paltrow for her Goop channel in August. 

In her discussion with Paltrow, The Sweetest Thing star mentioned that the reason for her retirement was to take back control of her life from stardom, and focus on what was more important. 

After getting married, starting her own business, and now welcoming her baby, it seems that Diaz has achieved the goals that she wanted from this peaceful part of her life. 

But despite changing her music taste to Sesame Street, the star doesn’t have any immediate modifications to her life plans and seems content with stepping out of the spotlight. 

“I’ve entered the best phase of my life, motherhood.” She told Rolling Stone in another interview.

That is high praise for motherhood considering Cameron Diaz was one of Hollywood’s leading starlets for a while!



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