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Hello! Happy slot players, here’s another time of the year to harvest many bonuses from Winks slots, one of the best slot casinos on the block. With this detailed Winks slot bonus tips review, we plan to intimate you with the best bonuses. Guess what? The bonuses are available for both new players and existing players. 

Free registration bonus

This is the first bonus available on Wink Slots for new players that signs up to the site. Upon completing your registration, you get a two-in-one bonus package handed to you. You get a free registration bonus and no deposit bonus of up to 30 free spins. You have up to 7 days to claim your bonus which is enough time to do so. 

Also, the maximum win for this bonus is capped at £100. Bear in mind that you must fulfill the wagering requirement to be able to withdraw your bonus. Meaning, you have to wager 30 times the amount of the bonus received. What are you still waiting for? Sign up now to get a Reel treat of up to 30 free spins!

Deposit bonus 

Also on ground for new players is the deposit bonus. This is the kind of bonus you get immediately you fund your bet account with the minimum required amount. So, get a 100% welcome deposit bonus after you deposit into your account. 

This bonus is only valid if claimed within 7 days, and once claimed, it’s valid to be used for another 7 days. The total amount you can win by wagering with the bonus is £400. To withdraw any winnings made, you have to fulfill the wagering requirement too. 

Monday’s Reel Day

Every Monday on Winks is loaded with juicy reel deals. You stand a chance to win up to 50 free spins if you deposit a minimum of £20. With these free spins, you can win up to £100. However, you have up to 7 days to claim your winnings which are more than enough to do so. 

Big wins-Day 

Every Wednesday is a big wins day. Win up to 200 free spins, which are valid only on Wednesdays to play. So as not to lose this bonus, you are expected to claim it within 7 days. You can play and win up to £400 with this bonus. Isn’t this amazing?

Daily Cash Back 

Another fascinating thing about Winks is that you can get back your bet in real money every day. The cashback given back to you is 3% of the total real money you lost the previous day. To qualify for cashback, you must have lost up to £5. 

Challenges and daily prizes

There’s also the opportunity to participate in some daily activities on Winks and win exciting daily free spins by doing so. 

Wrap up 

Winks is where everything good can be made better. Sign up to the slot casino now to get all of these bonuses on a platter of gold. 

By – Daniel Velasquez

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