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Will Online Gambling Produce the UK’s Next Big Winner?

Some big gambling winners have walked away with large prizes due to skill, while others claimed their windfall winnings thanks solely to pure luck. There have been big winners at the horse track, sporting events, casinos, Formula 1 racing, and other big events, with many punters placing just a small wager and walking away with more than an impressive bankroll.

With more and more of the UK enjoying the freedoms and benefits of online gambling and fantastic online slots, it stands to reason that it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing some more big winners. 

Some of the UK’s Best Gambling Wins

Take a look at some of these gambles that paid off big time.

Horse Racing

Back in 2008, Fred Craggs of Yorkshire placed a 50p stake on an eight horse accumulator. Whether he had some sort in sixth-sense insight or it was just dumb luck, Fred beat the odds of 2,000,000-1 and walked away with £1million.


At the start of the 2013 season, a Manchester United fan from Staffordshire bet 30p on a 15 event accumulator and with record breaking odds of 1,666,666-to-one, he walked away with £500,000.


Taking home one of the top wins for a pure faith bet, or maybe he was just really, really smart, a racing fan saw Lewis Hamilton race at 13-years old and placed a £100 bet that he would win one of the sport’s biggest accolades before he was 25. Just 10 years later, Lewis won the F1 World Championship and the fan walked away £125,000 richer.

Biggest Winner?

You’ve probably heard Man U fan who turned £2.50 into £157,000 then got all cocky and said he’d do it again. Well, defying all odds, he did. Just two years later, the unnamed fan placed another accumulator bet on a combination of football and rugby and when Bayern Munich beat Valencia in the final, his £0.30 bet turned into £500,000.

Four small bets that netted the gamblers big wins. And then along came online gambling.

Some of the Biggest Online Casino Wins

While the above gamblers walked away with impressive wins, they really can’t hold a candle to some of the people that won playing online slots. 

Batman for the Win

An anonymous Australian player was playing an online slot called The Dark Knight when BAM, POW, he won £6,035,230.

One of the Biggest Mobile Device Wins

In 2016, a female player only known by the initials D.P. won £6,824,475 using an iPad and a small £1 deposit! At the time, it was the largest progressive online jackpot ever hit on a mobile device.

Top Dog

In what is quite possibly the biggest and best win on today’s breakdown, back in 2013 a Finnish man placed a 25-cent bet on a progressive jackpot game on an online slot machine and he won a very impressive £18,570,00.

Online Gambling is Here to Stay

Sure, traditional gambling casinos, bookies, and other odds-makers and bet takers are always going to be around, but as you can see above the real winners recently have been at the online casinos. Of course aside from fantastic jackpots from progressive, accumulative, and max win machines, online casinos provide players with additional benefits over their traditional counterparts.

With the ability to play anywhere you have a good internet connection, from the comfort of your own home or while waiting on your food to be served, gamblers are able to play whenever they want. Furthermore, many online casinos require minimal deposits, which means you could be the next big winner on a list like the above.

Have some fun, play smart, gamble responsibly, and enjoy slots online whenever you feel like it.


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