Why You Need Mobile Proxy in 2022

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The term “proxy server” is familiar to many. However, few know that there are several types of them, each of which has its own characteristics. In this article, you will learn what 4G LTE mobile proxies are, why you need them, and why they are better than their server counterparts.

Mobile Proxy Definition

As the name implies, mobile proxy servers are associated with portable devices. When using this type of service, access to the network is carried out through mobile operators. Your real IP address is replaced by a dynamic one belonging to your communication provider. The principle of operation of all proxies is largely similar. Regardless of the type you choose, you get an intermediary server that becomes an additional stage in your Internet use.

This scheme works as follows. When you visit sites, the algorithms receive data about your device. If a certain region is subject to an access ban, you will not be able to use the picked platform. When using a proxy, your request goes through it first, so the resource you’re visiting thinks the request is coming from it. This “disguise” allows you to use any site, easily bypassing the imposed restrictions.

Difference Between Mobile and Server Proxies

Mobile proxies differ from the classic “server” counterparts in several ways at once. These characteristics, by the way, provide additional benefits to owners:

  • Dynamic IPs. Addresses issued when using mobile proxies are dynamic; they change regularly and automatically. Your network can have up to a thousand different IPs that change with each other.
  • High speed. This indicator depends on the characteristics of your mobile operator and tariff. Moreover, if the load on your channel increases, you will be automatically transferred to another one.
  • No blocking. The peculiarity of mobile IP is related to the fact that hundreds and thousands of people can use one address. Target servers don’t block the ones that make a lot of requests because there is a chance to ban innocent users.
  • Change OS Fingerprint. Mobile proxies can change a fingerprint depending on which device you use for authorization. At the same time, the sites have no doubts about its authenticity.

As you can see, mobile proxies have essential advantages over their server counterparts. Of course, they affect the cost of a product. As a rule, mobile services are more expensive, but you get a wide pool of dynamic IP addresses in exchange.

Make the Most Out of Mobile Proxies

You can connect proxy servers to access blocked content and improve user experience. However, their advantages make them suitable for any digital business purposes. You will be able to create an unlimited number of accounts on social networks, organize mass following and mass liking, launch many advertising campaigns, perform data parsing and organize SEO in different regions. All that while maintaining the anonymity and security of your information. With a quality proxy provider, you will not have to deal with blocking when performing work tasks, which saves a lot of time.

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