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Why do Developers Love Python More Than Java? [5 Reasons]

To build a great complex app, you need to use a progressive programming language. Java and Python have stood among the most popular and convenient coding languages for software development over the last couple of years. They remain favorites among developers due to their high flexibility, productivity, and wide use of automation tools. However, some things make Python more popular than Java. In this article, we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each programming language. Then we will determine why developers love Python more than Java and JavaScript.

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Python and Java: Pros and Cons

Java and Python have many common features. Both of them include a robust design, cross-platform support, and comprehensive standard libraries. On the other hand, they are perfect for entirely different uses and involve significant differences.

When it comes to a thorough analysis and comparison of java vs. python, we should remember that they are not absolutely identical. Therefore, there can’t be an absolute winner in this competition.


Python involves type checking during the runtime, which makes it dynamically typed. Java is a statistically typed language, which requires type checking during the compile time. Python is compiled even if it includes errors, which can result in incorrect operation of a typescript. Java can’t compile if the errors are not fixed. Java also has a function of declaring the data types or variables, while Python doesn’t. Python is considered more adaptable and can minimize the time for script running, but some issues may occur during the running time. For these reasons, some developers hate Python and prefer Java.


It is more convenient to manage text files in Python than in Java. Python is briefer and not so challenging, whereas Java tends to be wordier. However, Java is trying to improve its briefness. New resources were introduced in the last few releases, but it remains quite a prolix encrypting language. Python runs a script from start to finish, whereas Java needs a minimum of one starting point. This method is managed by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This makes Python better than Java, especially in aid programs, file management, recollecting data, functional convenience, and high speed. 


Because of optimization and employing JVM, Java performance speed is faster than Python. Timely compilations of all or parts of the program to the native code substantially upgrade the performance. The unlimited Python performances can negatively influence the assumptions of portability in the code. This difference becomes even more apparent in some instances, such as a simple binary test.

Selecting a language should depend on your project aims and which difficulties you are ready to tolerate. While Java offers faster performance, Python is the best for evolving legacy systems. Concerning flexibility, Java is a tried and tested variant, but Python is more adaptable for any experiments. 

Why is Python popular among developers? The 5 main reasons. 

Recent surveys demonstrate that Python is used to introduce beginners in most of the top schools and information science departments. We present five primary reasons for this tendency.

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Easy to Learn

Python is known for its readability and simple syntax. That is why more programmers find Python easier than Java. It is among the most accessible coding languages as it pays more attention to the natural language. Programming with Python enables accomplishing much using very little code. As it reads like English, it is more accessible for learning by a broader range of programmers and data science students worldwide. Writing codes in it is faster and more convenient, which is perfect for beginners. Also, here’s a quick Guide on Scraping LinkedIn With Python.

Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Programmers may use Python for developing any sort of application. The latest trends, such as Big Data or Cloud Computing, help many companies enhance their productivity. Most of the work is processed in this coding language, so it is easy to analyze and manage operational data with Python. Also, Python libraries are helpful in numerous projects in machine learning. 

Powerful Libraries and Frameworks

Python offers numerous libraries and frameworks to choose from to optimize time and effort. The best of them are:

  • Django
  • SciPy
  • BeautifulSoup
  • NumPy

Developer community support

Python has a vast and friendly community of developers who deal with building a large number of apps. If a junior programmer has certain problems, they can easily ask for help from more experienced programmers. Some common coding issues concerning slow interpretations or the ability to detect errors can be fixed much faster. All you need is to post a question or look for an answer on a Python developer community website. 

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High Demand

Another reason many students and programmers choose Python is that it is the first choice in the market. The majority of employees want to learn a language that is in huge demand to find a good job quickly. Python is undoubtedly offering fantastic job opportunities in various spheres. 

Final thoughts

Python and Java remain at the top of the list of most significant coding languages. Overall, Python is gaining more popularity, but we aren’t saying to choose Python over Java – it all just depends on your specific project’s goals and needs. Each language is suitable for its particular aims, and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all language.  We hope we gave an extensive answer to the question, Why is Python so popular in this article.


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