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Why Betting on a Smartphone is the New Norm

There is no doubt the number of people betting on a smartphone has increased in recent years. In fact, more people are now using their mobile device to gamble than a desktop computer or laptop. Why has there been a shift from computers to betting on a smartphone?

There are three main reasons why betting on a smartphone is the new norm. Firstly, the improved mobile technology means it is now easier than ever before to place a sports wager or play games at a casino using a mobile device. Smartphones have developed to include impressive screens and fast processors. This combination means it is now a pleasure to gamble using a smartphone whereas previously it was more of a task as opposed to pure enjoyment.

When using a smartphone, it is possible to head to the Google Play Store and take your pick from the vast array of bookmakers and casinos. With just one tap of the screen, the gambling app of your choice will be installed on your smartphone and you are ready to enjoy the mobile betting experience. Online gambling companies have latched onto the trend of mobile gambling and have spent a great deal of time and money developing their applications. You only have to look at the television advertising campaigns of the leading gambling brands to understand the huge emphasis they are now placing on mobile betting.

Some mobile betting apps have exclusive offers available for those who use the app on their smartphone. William Hill is a good example and if you are tempted to give them a try you can get the code here.

The second reason why betting on a smartphone is now extremely popular is the increased choice of devices available. There are now several smartphone brands producing new mobile phones every year. With such great competition comes a good choice of products at various prices. Therefore, owning a high quality smartphone is within the reach of many more people than it was 10 years ago. 

Thirdly, Wi-Fi connections are better and more readily available than ever before. Many smartphone contracts now come with unlimited data, meaning it is possible to connect to the internet without ever having to worry about the cost. In addition, with secure and fast Wi-Fi connections available on public transport, in cafes and restaurants, shopping centres and office buildings, it is possible to place a bet almost anywhere using Wi-Fi.

So, it does not matter whether you are having lunch in the office, out shopping with friends, or enjoying a coffee in a cafĂ©, chances are you can connect to Wi-Fi and place a sports wager or play a casino game. 

All three of the factors highlighted above combine to make betting on a smartphone extremely convenient. All you have to do is pull the device out of your pocket or bag, connect to the internet, and tap the screen. When it is that simple, it is easy to understand why betting on a smartphone is the new norm.

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