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Why an Escape Room Game Voucher is the Perfect Christmas Gift

With Christmas just around the corner, our thoughts turn to long winter evenings when we can combine shopping, ice skating, and hot mulled wine. Unfortunately, living under these strange times with Covid, shopping for gifts is going to be more of a chore for many. It’s bad enough to struggle to find the perfect gifts without lock-downs and early closings.

But thanks to the internet, we are still able to find presents. Lots of them. In fact, sometimes there’s just too much to choose from that making a selection becomes a problem all of its own. Of course, you want everyone on your list to get exactly the present they want. Even that difficult relative who already has everything. And that’s where we come into the picture. With an ExitTheRoom escape game voucher.

Here at ExitTheRoom we provide an online escape room experience like no other. And you don’t even have to leave your sofa! Where ever you are in the world, with friends or family, simply log-in to play in one of our many exciting escape rooms. Whether you’re trying to escape from a creepy prison, find the cure for a flesh-eating zombie virus or defuse a Cold War nuclear device, you’ll find an adventure like no other. With our games-master in a real room, you direct his every move to solve the puzzles and find the clues that’ll help solve the mystery behind each hour-long game, and all against a clock that’s counting down the remaining time. You can use any device with a microphone, though we’d recommend something with the biggest screen to get the most of the totally immersive effect.   

By giving an ExitTheRoom Christmas gift voucher, you’ll be gifting an experience as opposed to a thing. You might be wondering just how real can a game feel over the internet. Once you’ve been told the back-story, for the following hour you’ll forget everything as you race against the clock. You’ll need logic, visual skills, and the ability to spot clues, be they visual or audio. As the games are for between 2 – 6 players, you’ll have to learn to delegate and work as a team. As you move into the final minutes, you’ll feel your pulse quicken and your palms sweating. Oh yes, it’s very real! There’s no other activity quite like an escape room game to bring all your family and friends together. One thing’s for certain, we guarantee you’ll all be talking about your escape room adventure for the rest of your Christmas holidays.

Buying a gift voucher is easy. But before you buy, head over HERE to check out our amazing escape room games. When you’ve found the one you want to book, either for yourself or that special person, then go HERE to buy the gift voucher. Fill in your details, select your chosen method of payment and you’ll receive it instantly by email. It’s that simple. The voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, meaning that you can use it at your convenience. If it’s a gift for someone, then this is perfect if you don’t know what days they’re free, as this allows them to book their escape room game themselves. To redeem the voucher, simply go to the website HERE and enter the code shown on the voucher. 

At ExitTheRoom we have years of experience offering the best escape room games, both online and off. We are pioneers of realistic mind-bending online games, all of which have been carefully crafted to suit all tastes. Our game masters are both kind, fun, and professional and will ensure that you and your friends or family will have the time of your lives. 

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