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Why a CBD Vape Pen Is Perfect for New Users

CBD vape pens have become one of the most fashionable ways to imbibe CBD oil in recent years. Alongside regular vaping having taken the world by storm, more and more people are starting to vape CBD, whether as first time CBD users or just first-time vape users.

However, CBD vape pens aren’t just popular – they are also one of the best ways for new users to get into using CBD.

But why is this? Why is a PureKana CBD vape pen perfect for new users?

What Are CBD Vape Pens & How Do They Work?

CBD vape pens are surprisingly simple devices, which is part of why they are so suited for new users.

Vape pens are made of a simple vaporizing chamber, which heats some CBD oil until it reaches vaporization, allowing it to be turned into vapor. This vapor contains nothing more than pure CBD oil that has been turned into a gas, allowing the user to inhale it at their leisure.

This CBD vapor is a lot tastier and less noticeable than having to imbibe regular CBD oil, which usually involves an arduous process of measuring out dosages and tasting CBD oil’s bitter flavors.

The rest of the vape pen is made of a grip and a battery, as well as a (usually) replaceable chamber where the CBD oil is stored.

CBD vape pens are thus incredibly easy to use, as they typically fit in a pocket and are ergonomically designed to be comfortable when used.

But why would a person prefer to use a CBD vape pen if they could just smoke some CBD-rich cannabis?

What Is the Benefit of CBD Vape Pens Over Regular Smoking?

Choosing to vape CBD instead of smoking is a pretty logical choice for someone that cares about their health. It’s also pretty convenient.

For starters, vaping CBD oil does not require combustion, which is the act of burning something that occurs when smoking. When a person smokes CBD-rich cannabis, they are inhaling the CBD that they want alongside a myriad of chemicals and other compounds from the burning plant matter.

This hot, unwanted plant matter can cause damage to the lungs, leading to a variety of health problems.

Furthermore, vaping is just so much easier to do than smoking. Instead of having to light a cannabis joint and keep it lit, users can use PureKana CBD vape pens easily, whenever they want.

While vape pen users might lose some of the natural flavors of smoking CBD-rich cannabis, it is easily replaced by using flavor and terpene packs. These little packs boost the flavor of every single toke from a CBD vape pen, making them taste like everything from blueberry and honey to OG Kush.

What Makes CBD Vape Pens So Perfect for New Users?

All of the benefits of CBD vaping, especially when compared to regular methods of imbibing CBD like smoking or taking CBD oil, apply doubly so to new users.

When it comes to trying to start a new habit like taking CBD, it is really beneficial to be able to take it conveniently and quickly. CBD vape pens make the whole experience of imbibing CBD not only straightforward but also stress-free.

Furthermore, there is actually some scientific evidence that vaping CBD could be potentially more medically advantageous than smoking. According to a study by Varlet et al. for Scientific Reports, vaping led to an increase in both therapeutic use and the effective delivery of cannabis.

This means that not only is CBD vaping simpler and more comfortable for first-time users, but it could actually be better for them as well.

Final Thoughts on Why a CBD Vape Pen Is Perfect for New Users

Getting started with something like CBD is always tricky for new users, especially those who have never tried it before.

It takes a while to adopt a new habit and even longer to feel comfortable doing something like imbibing cannabinoids.

However, it is now easier than ever to get into the world of vaping and cannabis, thanks to trusted retailers. Websites like PureKana and others offer all sorts of different types of CBD vape pens, allowing you a huge amount of choice.

While having lots of choices can sometimes be scary, as long as a new user is capable of taking the plunge, they have more choices than ever before.

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