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Where to Buy Records

Records are no longer just relics of the past. With vinyl record sales growing every year, it’s clear that music lovers are choosing records over digital downloads. Not only do they offer a unique vintage sound reminiscent of an era gone by and have an attractive aesthetic, but they also offer a tangible connection between the artist and listener that’s hard to find in other formats. 

Whether you’re a longtime fan of vinyl or a budding beginner who’s found their new hobby in the world of records, you’ll want to know where to get singles, albums, and collectibles. Fortunately, to help you on that venture, below you have a list of some of the best ways to get your hands on some new records!

Your Local Record Store

Naturally, your local record store is among the best places to buy records. Most towns and cities will have a least one physical store that sells vinyl – either an entire shop dedicated to it or a general music outlet with a record section. 

Whatever the case, it’s easy to find a good selection of new and used records in a music store (even better if it’s a vinyl record shop), and there are usually knowledgeable staff willing to help you if you’re looking for something in particular. 

What’s more, some music stores operate online, too. A record store that sells vinyl and other music items over the internet is also a treasure trove if you’re a music fan. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a brick-and-mortar record shop in your local town or you purchase your vinyls online, you’re not only enjoying this special, classic kind of audio but also supporting independent stores – which the music industry needs now more than ever.  

Social Media and Secondhand Selling Sites

Social media channels and secondhand selling platforms are also excellent for buying records because they allow you to connect with sellers and access various vinyls from across the timeline – both new and vintage. 

Many social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, have made it easier than ever before for people to buy and sell records, thanks to the secondhand marketplace-like capabilities of these online outlets. 

Social media users list their records for sale all the time, enabling eager buyers to scour secondhand and brand-new singles and albums to add to their collections. Social media is also a great way for record collectors to find rare albums and connect with other collectors in their local area as well as worldwide.

When you use sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Vinted, Depop, and eBay, you can find everything from new releases to rare vinyl. On these platforms (some of which offer auctions, like eBay), you can also connect with other vinyl lovers who may have an album you’re looking for but don’t necessarily want to pay full price. 

Searching on social media marketplaces is also especially helpful if there’s an album in particular that you’ve been searching high and low for but haven’t found yet; you never know when someone will list that rare record you’ve been on the hunt for – and there’s a level of collector’s excitement to that!


Auctions (in-person auctions at auction houses and online sites like eBay) are superb for buying records because they often offer a wide selection of albums at affordable prices – plus some rare titles if you’re lucky. 

Many people who sell records via auction often do so to clear space in their homes, get rid of old goods they no longer want, and make some quick cash – so you’re likely to find lots of interesting and rare items at a price you can afford, as people normally want rid of them quickly. You even have a chance of bagging records for a minute price if nobody else bids on them – that’s part of the thrill of an auction!

Additionally, auctions are great for purchasing specific albums you’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to find anywhere else. If you’re a collector or just someone who enjoys listening to old music, auctions are an exciting way to add new pieces to your collection because you never know what’s going to appear for bidding!

Flea Markets and Yard Sales

Flea markets and yard sales are fantastic for searching for records because they’re quite often full of people passionate about music – or at least have people with boxes of old vinyl they’re trying to offload. With flea markets, you can find vinyl records that have been sitting in someone’s basement for decades. Sometimes, these records might be in questionable condition; however, many might have only been played once or twice and then put away. 

At these markets, sellers are usually eager to get rid of as much as they can, so haggling prices down for any records you’ve found is always a good option, enabling you to bag bargains with greater ease.

Thrift Stores and Charity Shops

Thrift stores and charity shops are great sources for buying records. Because these secondhand stores receive donations from the public or buy up all kinds of used goods and resell them, you have a good chance of finding preloved singles and albums – and normally, thrift and charity shop staff don’t bother keeping old vinyl in poor condition, so you know you’re only going to get records in playable condition, sometimes even unopened if you’re lucky!

Also, because many people donate or sell their old family members’ collections to stores like these, you never know what you’ll find. You might strike gold and find titles that were never released or released in limited quantities – and are worth a pretty penny as such. You can also find rare or collectible records at thrift stores. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for something specific, like an album or single by your favorite artist, the thrift store or charity shop might have it – so always go in and look if you pass one, just in case!

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