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Where is a good place for girl talk?

There is no place better than the girl’s restroom. It has just the right number of stalls and they never complain when you lock them all. There is also enough space to sit and chat for hours, or at least until class ends and people start walking in on you. Our expert (a lady with a lot of experience) suggests:

“It’s also nice because it’s private and doesn’t require as much effort as going out for coffee”.

This source added that she didn’t want to give away her favorite cafe, although it might be pretty obvious now that we’ve told you where not to go.

The hallway was also mentioned as an option “if nothing else is available.” Just make sure no one else will walk in on you or there will be a lot of explaining to do.

Speaking of explaining, the boy’s bathroom was brought up as an option “if she needs to have a serious talk with him and convince him that it isn’t his fault.” It wouldn’t be nice if she locked herself into a stall, after all.

This source suggests: “The old ‘I’m going for a walk’ trick” if you really do need privacy but don’t want to commit the misdemeanor of locking other people out of their own restrooms. This should only be used as a last resort however because it could backfire if someone decides they were feeling left out and follow along.

Another way to get privacy is through subterfuge,  but it’s not foolproof. For example, you could tell him “I’m feeling sick” and he might leave you alone for five minutes so you can gossip or cry on your friend’s shoulder at least. Just remember that this is more likely to work if no one knows him very well, and also that sometimes guys are idiots who don’t realize anything is wrong even if they’re dying (metaphorically or otherwise).

Stay away from enclosed spaces like closets though; although there isn’t room to sit down there, things tend to get stuck in them – like girls with claustrophobia issues who freak out every time the door closes. We cannot recommend them as good places for girl talk unless maybe it leads outside somehow, but in most cases they’re too small and confining.

The best place for privacy and a sound friendship is in the girl’s restroom with all the stalls available. Although it might not be ideal, sometimes that’s just how life works out.

What’s you favorite place to have girl talk? Why do you like it so much? What makes it a good place?

I really like the girl’s restroom as well. It is private and has enough stalls and room to chat. For me, the biggest reason is because my best friend agrees with this choice of ours. We’ve been best friends since we were born; we’re basically sisters, so having her back there is very comforting and reassuring. We never argue or fight about where to go because we both enjoy each other’s company no matter what others think or say behind our backs. That might sound clichéd, but it’s true. We can’t really be ourselves when we’re in mixed company, even if that company is composed of only boys. They just don’t understand or they will tease us about it later. It’s better to stay silent unless the problem becomes too much for one person to handle, and then your friend is always there for you when you need her most.

I started reading about women communities online and I found Veebabes. VeeBabes is a safe place for girl talk.  I have been part of this community for about a year. We discuss our daily lives, share opinions and solve problems. I can’t remember one single time someone started a fight or said hurtful words to another member. It’s so peaceful here that everyone stays quiet online most of the time. I hope you join us too!

This is me trying to put the ridiculous forced turns my teachers did in writing, they’re called “turn your partner” they’re supposed to teach communication but end up with excess drama as each person has their own little convos going on.

In Russia, many schools still have separate boys’ and girls’ toilets, which would make this conversation moot… but if it didn’t,  the girls’ toilets would be the standard, because women are less likely to start trouble, and if they do it will almost always be against another woman.

If I want to have a good girl talk who should I talk to?

This is a close friend of mine that I was playing with the other day. We try and hang out as much as we can, but sometimes we work opposite hours, so we have to sneak in time whenever we can.

After reading everything above, this conversation sounds pretty plain and boring… If you want to share your opinion on this topic you should check

The end product almost seems like it was written by someone who has never seen an actual conversation taking place before in their life (so maybe one of those rich kids from the Upper East Side whose parents were too busy for them). Not only does it not even remotely resemble how a conversation between two actual young women sounds, but it also manages to include a few different stereotypes about both of them.

This is all just speculation though. Maybe they’re really best friends who actually talk like this… but considering the source, I wouldn’t bet on it…

She seems nice so maybe she would talk to me?

My sister-in-law spends most of her time over at our house doing girlfriend stuff with my wife and me! Why don’t you come too? We can have girl talk together – not that kind of girl talk! When girls get together there’s always lots of talking, even if guys are around. It’s just how we are. 

I know what you mean. I told my friend about girl talk and how it’s basically just catching up on everyone’s lives, so there’s no way to go wrong with that. We all hope for the best for each other and like to see them doing well in life (like landing a good job or meeting someone they like). So my friend came back that afternoon telling me she talked with her sister-in-law – turns out that woman is really nice too!

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