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What’s New in Sleep Technology

What is the big deal about what is new in sleep technology and how can it benefit you? The truth is, sleep disorders have been a problem for a long time. There are many reasons for them, some more serious than others. Some people go through them at night, some are mild, but no matter what kind you are dealing with there is always a solution.

The way that this new sleep technology works is, you go into a sleep center and have your head monitored by some kind of computer. From here, they will be able to tell what type of behavior is causing you to be tired during the day, as well as what you should be doing to alleviate the problem. The only way to find out what your problem is to visit your doctor, but now they have the tools to fix it.

Another new thing is the CPAP machines that are now available. These machines are designed to keep your airways open during the night, which helps you to be able to get a better night’s rest. The thing that is different about them is that they cost a lot more than the old ones did, but they work wonders. It is recommended that if you suffer from any type of sleep disorder, you seek the advice of your doctor before using one of these machines.

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There may even be a way to develop a drug that treats sleep disorders, and researchers are hoping that they can find that someday. Sleep medicine is certainly no “wonder drug” as many people think, but finding the best sleep technology to treat sleep disorders and other sleeping problems is definitely on the agenda.

Cooling Properties In Sleep Technology

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Sleep clinic professionals and researchers are discovering that one of the most significant findings from years of study is that cooling properties in sleep technology can be applied to reduce many of the symptoms and issues that commonly arise during the night. Not only are cooling properties important to a good night’s rest, but also good health and wellness. There have been numerous studies conducted on different types of cooling devices and different ways to incorporate them into a patient’s sleep environment.

  • One such device is using a humidifier combined with a specific kind of sleep technology to help reduce daytime sleepiness. What’s more is that by adding the same humidifier to the bedroom, researchers discovered that the reduction in daytime sleepiness extended to the time spent in the nighttime as well.
  • Additional research suggests that the properties of certain oils found in plants and other aromatic compounds may help improve sleep. One particular plant, in particular, lavender, has been studied extensively and is shown to improve alertness and promote relaxation, even when the plant is sprayed directly onto the scalp (as is often done with sedatives).
  • Other research is examining the effect of in-room and infrared cooling properties of various types of technologies on the quality and duration of sleep. More research is also examining the role played by physical stimuli and the importance of sleep routines. Studies are examining if adding specific distractions, such as white noise machines or specially designed light therapy lamps, can have an impact on the quality of sleep.
  • The addition of specialized pillows and orthopedic foam beds, for example, has been shown to improve sleep through several studies. Some orthopedic beds and pillows have been launched to provide enough support to the back while you sleep. There are also mattress protectors available. Now, if asked what a mattress protector does, this product helps protect the mattress from dust and germs and also prevents allergies and rashes.

Why Should One Keep The Sleep Environment Clean

There are many reasons as to why one should keep the sleep environment clean. The need to keep the sleep environment clean can be seen from a wide number of health-related angles.

  • The need for this need can be seen from the point of view of preventing diseases that are often caused or exacerbated by dirt and unclean environments.
  • It can also be seen from the point of view of preserving the health of the infants who sleep in these same environments. Infants are very fragile and easily prone to infection. You should always try to keep them and their belongings clean. Regularly wash their clothes and beddings and keep them in a closed or confined area. There are 4-drawer chests available that are mites and dustproof and are ideal for keeping kids’ belongings.
  • Keeping the sleep environment clean is also needed to keep the health of one’s own body clean from germs and viruses that tend to accumulate in such environments. Clean environments during sleeping help prevent sickness that can be brought about by exposure to germs and viruses. The same logic applies to the immune system, which is strengthened through exposure to clean environments during sleep.
  • In addition, keeping the sleeping area clean helps to promote a relaxed body and a sound and comfortable sleep. Hence, maintaining a clean environment during sleep promotes a better night’s sleep that will go along with a better and healthier life ahead.


The conclusion that can be drawn from this much research and reasoning is that the importance of keeping the sleeping area clean is as worthy of being called an “obligation” as it is a pleasure. Numerous benefits come from having a clean and neat room during sleep. There are even more benefits to a well-kept room during the waking hours. One just has to remember to do what one can, within reason, to ensure that their environment remains a pleasant one in which to sleep. In this way, the habit of cleaning one’s room will become as natural as breathing, and one is unlikely to feel the need to clean it as much as they used to.

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