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What Skills Will You Develop Through Certbolt CompTIA Network+ Certification

by Kevin Bellah

As you probably know, the Certbolt CompTIA Network+ certification proves an individual’s technical know-how in creating, setting up, and maintaining networks. Moreover, it is concerned with both wired as well as wireless networks. Still, this official certificate does not concentrate on a particular vendor and equips candidates with skills to create virtualized networks using the most recent technologies. Thus, let’s see what more it has for you!

Who It Targets

If you have the passion and desire to get into the networking side of the IT industry, then this designation is where you can begin. This is a fact because, as mentioned before, it is a vendor-neutral certification. Moreover, both junior, as well as senior system engineers, benefit from it. Others to whom the Network+ Practice Test may be beneficial are computer technicians, network support specialists, network field technicians, and junior network administrators. In addition to this, specialists in positions such as help desk technician, network analyst, and network field engineer can opt for certification as well to boost their careers.

How to Earn CompTIA Network+?

It makes sense that, for you to be Network+ certified, you will have to invest time and hard work through preparing for and passing the associated N10-007 evaluation, which costs $338. In 1.5 hours, you should accomplish all the 90 multi-choice, performance-based, as well as drag-and-drop questions. Anyway, one only earns the Certbolt Network+ certificate after hitting 720 marks and more. 

At the same time, specialists who wish to gain this qualification are recommended to have a minimum of nine months of experience in networking alongside the CompTIA A+ certificate. Don’t’ forget that the accreditation is valid for three years and the recertification process is available through the Continuing Education arrangement provided by CompTIA Network+ Practice Test .

Skills You Will Gain from The Network+ Certification?

The Network+ is an accreditation that encompasses a variety of technologies and knowledge related to networking. In more detail, the certification content includes comprehending the usage of different concepts and how to execute them accordingly concerning networks. As a result, the certified specialist will be able to provide a summary of physical security threats related to either a wired or a wireless network. Another skill is the ability to explain the methods used in troubleshooting a network as well as the tools necessary for connectivity and performance. Moreover, the certificate holder can demonstrate to their employers their capability to ascertain the best practices as well as policies to manage networks and, therefore, guarantee the continuity of the business. Finally, you will have the knowledge of infrastructure encompassing cabling and storage technologies for a network.


It is no secret that the ever-changing IT space requires a constant supply of highly skilled professionals to spur its growth. Furthermore, managers and recruiters prefer to hire those who have earned certificates as they show great motivation to learn and work. Therefore, the CompTIA Network+ certification is a good step to unlocking more opportunities including the development of your technical expertise in the networking field. So, pursue and earn this designation so that you can join a community of individuals with the most relevant expertness in the IT territory!

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