What Should I Know About Blue Light?

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You may have heard about something called blue light, which is often talked about in a negative manner. By thinking about what blue light is, as well as its associated issues, you may be better prepared to alleviate those risks. Likewise, there are a number of symptoms that can signify that your eyes have absorbed blue light. However, it is important to note that, at times, blue light can be helpful. You may want to consider your needs, as well as what you need to do in the upcoming few hours, to help you to understand if blue light exposure is acceptable in the present.

Blue light can cause excessive eye strain. Unfortunately, it can often be found when using a mobile phone or computer. When this takes up a significant part of your working day, you may not want to face the physical effects of eye strain. These can include your eyes feeling painful and tired, as well as a long-lasting headache. You may find that prescription blue light glasses can help to remove some of these symptoms. Rather than waiting for your next eye exam to roll around, you could get your prescription information, and take facial measurements, so that you can order the glasses online. This can then allow you to have them delivered at a time and place to suit you, including at work if appropriate.

The amount of blue light that your eyes take in could also have quite a large effect on your ability to rest and sleep. While blue light can be helpful for allowing you to remain alert when you have things to do, it can really hinder you when you want to switch your brain off and get some sleep. Due to this, you may want to check for any blue light options on your cellphone or computer. Some systems may allow you to filter this light, meaning less can seep through to your eyes. This can help you to still be able to do some of the things you need to or even enjoy, without compromising on your quality of sleep later on.

Although there are a number of negative issues that can arise from blue light exposure, there may also be some benefits that you may want to consider. Looking at blue lights can help to deal with depression, making you feel better within yourself. For those who work unsociable hours, such as the graveyard shift, or those split across different parts of the day, it can help to keep sleepiness at bay. Blue light can also be used medically, such as therapies for newborn babies with jaundice. Therefore, it can’t be thought of as something that is completely bad.

You may want to think about your needs at work, as well as in the home when considering whether or not you should subject yourself to blue light. While your eyes may be able to manage small amounts, especially in certain circumstances, it can be excessive exposure that causes problems.

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