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What Kind of Equipment Can You Rent for Archery Games?

Archery is one of the ancient forms of combat that exists even today. The bow and arrow were initially used as weapons for hunting but soon became one of the most popular sports in human history. Archery games are entertaining to play. You can compete in a team or an individual match, and even play at various difficulty levels.

However, when you want to play archery games, you may need to rent archery tag equipment from one of the local facilities. There are several different types of equipment that you may be able to take on rent for an archery game center. Read on to know more.

Bows and Arrows

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Archery tag bows and arrows are made to fire plastic foam dart arrows. The arrows usually measure between three and four feet in length, and they typically weigh about three ounces.

You can shoot these kinds of darts at different targets, such as ringed paper targets or inflatable archery target balloons. Some archery tag arrows are even designed to be tied to other kinds of pool noodles. The bottom end of the pool noodles is placed inside an inflatable tube, and then a foam arrow tip is attached to the front end of the pool noodle. 

When you shoot at the target, it will bounce back toward your opponent if it’s within a specific range – just like paintball does. However, the arrows are not meant to harm anyone – they are made out of foam or rubber so that you can have fun without being injured.

Foam Bow Handles

When you want to play an archery game, it’s probably best to use a bow with a foam handle. These bows are made to make the game fun and easy for players of all skill levels. In addition, most foam bow handles are designed to be used with a sight so that you can aim your shots more efficiently.

These bows are sold in sets that include an arrow or arrows for each player. It also comes with a holster for each player’s quiver. 

While some archery tag bows are designed to shoot arrows that are tied to pool noodles or balloons, foam bow handles can be used with all kinds of different types of indicators; these types of bows are the best for beginners because they make it easy to aim your shots.


You can rent two main types of quivers for an archery tag game from a game rental store.

The first kind of quiver is known as a bow sling. If you are playing in a team, it’s best to use your bow in the bow sling to avoid losing your arrows in the heat of battle. Bow slings are usually designed in a way that allows you to either sling your bow over your shoulder or put it around your neck.

The other type of quiver is designed for carrying arrows, and it provides an easy way to take the arrows from one place to another without dropping them. These archery tag quivers are usually worn on the back so that they don’t get in the way.

Arm Guards and Finger Tabs

If you are using a bow that does not have plastic foam handles, it’s probably best to use an arm guard. An arm guard is designed to protect your forearm from getting hit by the string of the bow when it’s released; these kinds of archery tag arm guards are usually made out of plastic or leather.

Most archery tag bows are designed with a unique notch in the handle to prevent the string from rubbing against your forearm.

While bows and arrows are the most popular choice for an archery game center, there are several other types of equipment that you can use if you want to make the game more interesting. All these archery game equipment will be easily available at any leading games rentals store online. You look up for a store that can deliver the items to you and enjoy the game anywhere you want. 

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