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What is the Future of Customer Service?

Customer service has changed considerably in the past thirty years: far from simply expecting high-quality face-to-face experiences, consumers now expect to be able to obtain customer service interaction 24/7: both in person, over the phone, and via online systems too. Technology is changing the face of customer service, as well as what the modern consumer expects from the brands they love. Opportunities such as smart digital services allow brands to tap into this technological acceptance (and in some cases, expectation), providing the same high standard of service, and keeping the same high conversion rates, so that the customer remains at the heart of the experience. 

So, what does the future of customer service look like? And how is technology changing the face of customer service? Here’s everything you need to know: 

Improving Experiences with Automation 

There have been concerns amongst customer service professionals about the role of automation, and AI in the customer service field: but these advancements will be used as tools alongside these professionals, working with them rather than replacing them. Conversational user interface (UI) tools provide a great way for your existing knowledge base to be presented in a different way and for your business to be on both the edge of innovation as well as always being there for your customers. These interfaces can be accessible 24 hours a day (meaning your customer service team can take time off to sleep!) and when backed by high quality technology, the experience offered here can be both natural and incredible useful. 

Your existing customer service offering can be improved by harnessing technology: Smart digital services will enable you to speed up your timeline, and make a huge impact on your customer service output. The results would include product scalability, cost-efficient innovation, and reduced support and maintenance service costs.

Progress in the Self-Service Arena 

If you’ve ever nodded along to the saying that “If you want something doing, you should do it yourself” then you’ll already understand why self-service capabilities are becoming an absolute necessity in the customer service world. As consumers become increasingly demanding, they are expecting more self-service availability than ever before, meaning that businesses that are able to offer a variety of self-service tools are more likely to rank higher on the customer satisfaction scale. Tools such as FAQ pages, interactive knowledge bases, live virtual assistants and online discussion forums are all relatively easy to implement, and yet offer huge returns in satisfaction. 

Consumers are more sophisticated and more technologically savvy than they have ever been before, and so the level and opportunity for customer service engagement that they are offered should reflect this. Self-service also has the benefit of keeping costs low, which is one of the reasons why it has been so embraced by Big Business. Help your customers to help themselves and you will find that your customer service offering becomes more successful than ever before. 

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