What Is The Best Way To Promote A Podcast?

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Podcasting is currently one of the most popular content distribution mediums. In reality, the audio phenomenon has been steadily increasing in recent years. In 2018, the first podcast was heard by more than 12 million people. This considerable growth informs us more than anything about the types of content being consumed by people and the tendencies in the coming years.

The competition is severe, given that there are half a million active Apple podcasts with millions of episodes. As a result, if you’re just getting started with streaming your own program, you can run into some serious problems and obstacles before gaining traction and making your series successful. To advertise your show, you’ll need a working podcast marketing plan, a profitable podcast marketing strategy, and you’ll need to do it as well as possible to beat out your competition. You can make use of this complete list of tips to promote your podcast. With that, here are 3 easy ways you can do right now for podcast promotion.

1. Make a written version of your podcast

To begin, you’ll need to create and maintain a blog. Make time to write quality material. Blogs will help promote your podcast and to make audio and text transcriptions of your episodes available. It’s a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone situation when you promote your podcast this way. 

The SEO parts of this plan come first. Search engines have an accessible time indexing text. There is plenty to gain from organic search if you take the effort to edit your transcript to meet the criteria of the crawlers. It’s an audience that would have been difficult to reach otherwise. Secondly, by addressing people who want to read, you can boost the range of your audience. However, although podcasts are a trend these days, not everybody has the same interests. 

2. Leverage your guests’ audience

Will you have any guests on your podcast? Are they well-known or professional people with a large number of fans and followers? Try to contemplate these questions and try to think about who your guests are. You can invite athletes, musicians, and famous artists. But if you are still new to the industry and think it is impossible to ask them, try to contact any social media influencer. If you highlight an influencer on your podcast, other influencers are likely to follow suit. At the same time, influencers have a large following who would most likely share your podcast if you feature them in an episode. Influencer marketing will provide you with access to a broader audience, resulting in more listeners.

A good example comes from the podcast “Client-horror Stories” by Morgan Freeman. Every episode features a new guest whose stories may help the audience and, at the same time, whose popularity may attract new listeners.

3. Take advantage of the different social media platforms

Podcast marketing is relatively straightforward these days, given that practically everyone listens to social media, including you. These can be used, and your own advantages profit from their popularity.

If you already have a lot of social media accounts, it should be relatively simple. If you don’t think your followers are big enough for a podcast promotion, you can utilize other social media platforms like running a contest on Facebook to promote your series. It doesn’t matter what the awards are as long as there are prizes, to begin with. Freebies are popular, and people will certainly share your posts if you offer them.

Instagram could also be an excellent place to promote your podcast. Many influencers got more fame and followers through posting images on their Instagram account. On the other hand, you should consider Instagram stories’ recent surge in popularity. As an Instagram marketing channel, this one can produce outstanding results with little work.

There are several podcast marketing suggestions in this article that may have gone unmentioned. However, I’ve attempted to compile a list of some of the more effective methods for promoting a radio program.

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