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What is a Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

Internet connection in the home is now just as crucial as electricity and running water. There’s nothing more frustrating than slow internet speed because it affects the download and upload of data.

Downloads are data pulled from the server, while uploads are data you send to others. Download speed is usually faster because it facilitates streaming videos and loading website pages.

Five Causes of Slow Internet Speed in Video Games

The recommended optimum speed for most game consoles is at least 3 Mbps (megabits per second). Good upload speeds are 5 Mbps and download speeds of 50 Mbps. Inadequate internet speed is a gamer’s worst nightmare. Conducting a speed test is recommended to compare it to your current subscription plan. Choosing high-speed internet offers greater leeway and fewer constraints that impact the gaming experience. Below are some of these constraints.

Modem or Router

One of the first actions to take when experiencing slow internet speed is to check the modem or router. Switching it off and on (reboot) will usually work to refresh the connection. When rebooting, it is recommended to leave the modem off for at least ten seconds so that the capacitor can fully drain all the memory. If the slow speeds persist, the next step is to check with the internet service provider (ISP). If the problem is caused by the distance between the router and the device, the ISP technicians can move it closer to your gaming device.

Bandwidth Traffic

When there are too many devices connected to the internet, especially those conducting heavy activities like streaming videos or downloading files, one or more devices will experience slow internet speed. The solution here is simple. To speed things up, stop the downloads or disconnect devices that are not in immediate use. If this is a frequent problem, upgrading the internet package or using a service that automatically manages and assigns bandwidth are possible solutions.

Old Hardware

Some gamers may be using devices that don’t support high-speed internet. All routers have software. When outdated, the routers will not operate efficiently and slow down your internet speed. Consider upgrading to currents models or purchasing routers specially designed for gaming. When using cable internet, the coaxial cable splitters that go into the modem can be degrading the signal and slowing down your internet speed. Disconnecting from the splitter can confirm the problem. The solution lies in using suitable high-quality splitters, reducing their number, or working without any splitters.

Malfunctioning Device

Devices can malfunction because of their rooting, overuse, or power failure. Such occurrences can damage the devices’ internal components, resulting in an unstable internet connection. Computer viruses may also limit the workings of the link. Gamers are required to install trustworthy anti-virus software. Keeping your PC clean from malicious software is a great way to ensure your games run smoothly.


Living in densely populated areas can cause Wi-Fi congestion. Routers and modems come programmed to use specific channels and frequencies. Too many routers on the same channel can cause slow internet speeds. To avoid poor internet performance, check the router’s manual, and select a Wi-Fi channel that your neighbors are not using. Using a Wi-Fi scanner can help you get the most out of your connection. It might also be necessary to confirm that your neighbors are not using your network.


Gamers need to invest in unlimited data plans for their high-speed internet to enjoy lag-free gaming. It is frustrating to be paying for an ultra-fast service but experience slow internet speed. Basic fixes may work, but sometimes calling a technician may be necessary to ensure nothing is wrong with your physical infrastructure. If possible, connecting your gaming device directly to the router using an Ethernet cable might provide the best speeds. Enjoy your desired internet speeds while checking out GoodLuckMate for the best online casino reviews and games!

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