What Does IMAX Enhanced Mean?

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IMAX Enhanced has brought a unique cinema experience to your home. Once you have an enhanced speaker, TV, or receiver, you’re sure to get the best sound and picture experience. IMAX Enhanced devices include TVs and speakers, while Enhanced content include Blu-ray streaming services. It is similar to Atmos and Dolby Vision but a bit tricky. 

So, what’s IMAX Enhanced?

Being IMAX Enhanced means that the device or content meets specific standards set by IMAX. Such a product is certified to have exceptional color, viewing mode, contrast, and sonic fidelity. It serves as a guarantee to consumers that they will get the best experience once they pick an IMAX enhanced content or device. 

Besides, the IMAX Enhanced devices also come with a special mode for IMAX Enhanced content. The TV stops all other processing when IMAX content comes up to ensure you see it as it was intended. Similarly, IMAX Enhanced speakers and AV receivers mimic the IMAX cinema experience in every Enhanced content. 

IMAX Enhanced content is now the talk of the town due to its experience and relevance. You can find IMAX Enhanced movies and documentaries on streaming services such as Disney+ and Sony. 

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