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Ways to Develop an Optimal Email Signature for Mac (Twelve Simple Rules)

When your company has Mac users, make sure that Apple Mail (aka Mac Mail) uses high-quality email signatures. You can also use apple mail HTML signature for Mac users in Apple Mail for business email communication.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, ways to develop an optimal email signature for mac (twelve simple rules), mac

Critical rules for designing a Mac email signature for use with Apple Mail

Read the step-by-step guide to creating an email signature using the free mac mail signature generator.

Rule 1. Go to the Mac home screen. Select the Mail icon in the header to open Apple Mail.

Rule 2. Click Settings. In the new window that opens, select signatures.

Rule 3. In the left column, you will see a list of email accounts associated with Apple Mail. Select the tab in which you want to use an email signature. If you selected “All Signatures” when creating an email signature on your Mac, you’d need to drag the new email signature into your account before you can start using it.

Rule 4. Click the plus sign.

Rule 5. Enter the name of the email signature in the middle column. We recommend using a term that can be quickly and easily identified.

Rule 6. In the right column, start designing your Mac email signature. Here you can create, Format, and preview the email signature design currently being built.

Rule 7. To add any image, such as a company logo, to the email signature, first, download the file to your Mac. Then drag the image into the preview area and resize it as needed.

Rule 8. To change the font and color of the email signature, select the text that needs to be updated. Then click Format at the top of the screen. The Fonts view shows all available fonts, while the Colors view highlights the available colors.

Rule 9. To add a hyperlink to the email signature, click “Edit” next to the header. Use the Add Link feature to link URLs to specific words highlighted in your email signature.

Rule 10. If you want the email signature from your Mac to appear after the text in the messages to which you reply or forward, uncheck the box to place the email signature above the quoted text. It is located in the settings window.

Rule 11. After completing the process of creating an email signature for Mac, close the working window. All changes are saved automatically.

Rule 12. When creating a message in Apple Mail, an opportunity to choose a new email signature on your Mac will appear next to the sender information panel.

Automatically add a Mac email signature.

To automatically add an email signature to emails you send from your Mac, follow these steps:

Step 1. Select Email> Settings > Email signatures.

Step 2: Select the appropriate email account in the left column.

Step 3. In the drop-down menu, click “Choose an email signature.”

Step 4. Select the email signature you want to use (in case you have created more than one email signature).

Developing an email signature for Mac is not a complex process for one user. If you have multiple Mac users, ensuring they all use a consistent theme in the email signature is more challenging.

Manage email signatures on Mac

All employees should use the same email signature template on Mac. Management becomes a complex and confusing process when each employee relies on manually updating email signatures. In this case, you will have to trust your IT department. You must visit each user’s desktop or try to implement complex workarounds using HTML code, and they need to guarantee correct operation. Images used in Mac email signatures can also appear as attachments in the recipient’s inbox because they are integrated into the design. It will be much more challenging to complete this small but rather voluminous task. Effective management requires third-party tools. Email signature management solutions help you centrally manage all email signatures on your Mac. They also effectively ensure consistent application of email signatures across clients and devices connected to the Internet.

Email signatures: part of the footer or a functional element?

Signing the message seems logical. But take a closer look at incoming letters – they are only sometimes marked. However, an email signature will help if the recipient of your Email don’t know the face of the person you are communicating with or at least knows that there is a natural person “behind the screen.” Email signatures in letters are essential for building relationships with potential customers, significantly strengthening trust, and creating a positive image of your business. Psychologists claim that people remember the first and last information best; this is a well-known fact. Therefore, the email signature is the last element of the letter that the recipient sees and remembers. In addition, if you prepare your email signature in advance, you won’t have to worry about how to fill it out or format it correctly.

Types of email signatures

Email signatures may be needed by individuals and companies in very different fields of activity. Appearance and content are also different. Email signatures can be divided into the following categories:

Professional email signature. Experts and specialists in various fields of activity sign their names, positions, contact details, and additional photos. The most common type of email signature.

Corporate email signature. It can be used in stores, real estate companies, law firms, educational institutions, etc. This means that all communication is done on behalf of the team, not an individual.

Creative and original email signature. For example, you can use fun images instead of traditional professional photos that directly relate to your business.

Laconic email signature. This email signature contains minimal information, including the sender’s name and position.

Informal email signature. It provides information in a friendly, non-professional tone.

What things to avoid when creating an email signature?

They overload the recipient of the email signature with unnecessary information. The list of available social network accounts attached to the email signature is too extensive (users should see the main reports). Duplicate email addresses and signatures should be concise and convey only necessary information to the reader. Your email signature can contain the following:

  • Company logo;
  • Photographs;
  • Title (if the letter was sent on behalf of a specific person);
  • Icons of available social networks;
  • Additional contact information – phone number and website address.

Attractive email signatures for text messages have a positive impact. It is essential to collect all the information in one block and create a high-quality and informative email signature; the recipient will pay attention to your message and remember you! This exciting approach to creating email signatures is suitable for sending marketing letters. It is essential to remember to add your email signature, and Gmail allows you to do this automatically in the settings.

Why use a professional email signature?

More than half of users say an email signature influences their purchase decisions. For this reason, it pays to maximize your email marketing capabilities. In addition, you should pay attention not only to the content of the business letter but also to its email signature. A general mailing is more effective when it is easy to remember.

Thanks to successful email signatures, you can:

  • Show your unique style;
  • Advertise your services;
  • Actively promote your content;
  • Encourage the reader to be active with a CTA (call to action);
  • Conduct a thorough analysis.

Easy access to contact information

Time is the most valuable resource, and most people don’t want to spend time searching for their service provider’s contact information. An email signature is excellent for adding basic contact information (phone, address, website). Interactive icons in the email signature in the company’s social networks help increase brand loyalty. But a correctly formed email signature must be available for:

  • Opportunities to communicate with your target group of users;
  • Opportunities to attract customers to your unique landing page;
  • Receive direct leads.

Ability to receive feedback from customers

Knowing your audience’s preferences is critical to growing your business. The easiest way to track them and improve their services is to use customer feedback. Adding a few extra features to your email signature can go a long way in helping you get feedback about the products or services you provide faster. For the company, this is an opportunity to obtain valuable information and an additional source of analysis. This is an opportunity for customers to express themselves and draw attention to themselves and their ideas. About 1.7 billion users check Email on their smartphones, almost double the number of users who do it on their computers. If your email signature is readable on your smartphone, you will retain many potential customers. Email signature themes need to be optimized for different devices to make it easier for users to view important information.

Your email signature is part of your brand.

Email is no substitute for face-to-face communication or face-to-face meetings on Messenger. But a successful personalized email signature shortens the way to increase loyalty to your business and brand. This is facilitated by a thoughtful design in which the color palette, fonts, images, and graphics reflect the individuality and values ​​that are followed in your company. For example, add your photo. Customers like it more when real representatives of the company communicate with them. You can add some links to your social media page if you want. Consistency is an essential factor in the development of business email signatures. When developing messages, it is necessary to use a single corporate style. This helps to build trust in the brand and strengthen its authority. Images and photos demonstrate the company’s vision and professionalism. When posting photos of several employees, we recommend using professional photos taken in the same style (same background, filters).

Generators of email signatures

Many people need more time or resources to learn the latest design techniques to create beautiful and informative email signatures. However, online services for creating and managing email signatures are available to everyone. With the help of a particular designer, you can create different types of email signatures (representatives of other departments may need different email signatures to achieve essential marketing goals). Use or disable them depending on the situation. Customize an existing email signature to send emails to specific people or specific categories of recipients. Email signatures are an effective brand marketing tool. Their use makes it possible to highlight relevant offers and gain the greater trust of the target group. The statistics of successful work experience confirm this: it is worth creating an effective email signature template that is standardized and flexible. Take advantage of this valuable tool. Customers will appreciate it. Invest in the right marketing strategy!

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