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Vibeo, the Video-First Social Network, Announces Upcoming Public Launch

LOCATION, December 28, 2020 – Vibeo, the video-first social network app for building deeper connections, today announced that it has emerged from stealth mode and is currently in a closed beta, as it prepares for its upcoming public launch. Vibeo is designed to help people build deeper connections with each other by sharing video-based content and live conversations, matching users with others that share similar interests and ideas.

Vibeo, which can be described as, House Party + Reddit, will be available for both iOS and Android in 2021. The app was created to allow users to have genuine conversations with people that “vibe” with them, rather than simply subscribe to and engage in broadcasted content. While most social media platforms are more focused towards media, Vibeo simply puts the focus on bringing the “social” back into social media.

Vibeo is currently in closed beta. Those over 18 years of age that are interested in participating can apply to take part at Those who are accepted to join will be able to invite only 11 others to experience the platform first hand.

Vibeo the video-first social network app
Lockdowns have reminded us of our inherent need to connect and socialize with others. People locked down in their homes are forced to use online channels to socialize but social media is focused on sharing media rather than being social. This was the problem both co-founders saw needing a solution when they suffered through lockdown together in Singapore. Research shows isolation increases cases of mental illnesses, drug abuse, and suicide because of the lack of human connection and community. Vibeo is a product of a healer and an engineer working together to create solutions for these imperative needs by making the best use of online tools to create deeper connection and communities without borders.

Vibeo creates the much-needed and highly sought out environment for people to be ‘their true selves,” said Dr. Shafiq Zaib, Chief Executive Officer at Vibeo. “Social media has become integral to functioning as a society; Vibeo focuses on optimizing socializing towards deepening connections. The magic of Vibeo is it makes online interactions feel more like “in real life” ones, and we can’t wait for the world to experience the new platform”

Vibeo is gathering “good vibes” across the world from content creators stemming from famous video editors to world renowned doctors, to Gen Z college students looking to make new friends online, to artists and health coaches, and everything in between – all waiting to connect a single swipe away. With Vibeo, users will find people introducing themselves alongside what they are passionate about, further supporting the heart-centered community creation approach this social network app has taken. The focus on “good vibes only” culture creation has already garnered a strong movement onto the platform, as people are desperately trying to find positivity in the world to combat the social isolation and uncertainty.

Users of Vibeo will be able to interact and make connections by sharing their videos, which are called “Vibes”, with each other.  The videos, which will initially be up to one minute, are meant to cultivate and grow the community and help people feel closer together, especially during this time of lockdowns and quarantines. Vibeo will also feature live content and social video chat, as live videos are powerful methods for engaging conversations. Vibeo is focused on empowering creators of all kinds.

“The team at Vibeo knows that people are spending more time now than ever on their phones, due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, this means more time unnecessarily scrolling and digesting information that isn’t actually good for us, or aligned with the person we want to be. Most of us know the feeling of getting off our phone after hours of scrolling, left feeling drained and depleted. With Vibeo, you get to really choose how you express yourself, you choose the community you are involved in, you choose what content you vibe with, and you undeniably and undoubtedly leave the app every time feeling better,” continued Dr. Zaib.

Every one of us is wanting more connection in our lives, and sometimes in our real lives it can be hard for that to form naturally. Other social media platforms are so filtered and flooded that it’s hard to get your voice across. Vibeo is the bridge for bringing people closer to their ‘tribe’ and by simply empowering people on the platform to be their true, authentic, and genuine selves.

About Vibeo

Vibeo saw the need for greater connection online and went back to the basics of what makes us human. Vibeo was a conscious creation of integrating our innate core needs to express and connect online. Vibeo is a social impact company understanding and executing on the desire to deliver positive impact amidst the trauma-ridden world we are experiencing today. It’s just not the time for promotions, self-congratulation or aggressive hard-sells but for uplifting messages, community creation, and heart-centered connection.

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