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Upgrade Your Work Computer without Spending A Fortune

We spend an extraordinary amount of our lives working, so it makes sense to have the best tools to carry out our role. Unfortunately, not every company provides their employees with optimal IT equipment. You may find you need to make a few small tweaks to make your device faster, more efficient and more user-friendly, in order to complete your duties effectively. 

As the equipment is likely to not be your own, it’s important to be careful about what changes you make, particularly in regard to installing new software. Many companies have strict policies on which programs can be downloaded onto their business devices, so ensure you’re aware what your employer will allow before altering anything. There are a range of things you can do to improve the efficiency and speed of your laptop or PC. Here we explore the best way to go about it without spending a fortune. 

Connect an external hard drive

An external hard drive will allow you to gain storage space nearly immediately. It is an external device which can be plugged into your computer without requiring you to open the internal storage on your PC or make any upgrades to your software. An external drive can store anything from photos and videos to electronic documents. 

Upgrade your cloud storage

Upgrading your Cloud storage will provide further storage for photos, videos, documents and anything else you want to store. Some cloud suppliers such as iCloud automatically back up your stored items, which provides extra security, ensuring you can still access your items if your device is lost, damaged or stolen. 

Keep your device “cool” 

It’s important to keep your computer or laptop cool to prevent it from overheating, which can stop it from functioning properly. Keep your device away from heaters, vents, and windows which produce warm air. While you may think it’s better to let your device air by leaving the case open, this can actually have the opposite effect. Keep the lid of your laptop closed when it’s not in use, as this will help the system’s temperature regulate. 

Thermal compounds, also known as thermal paste or thermal grease, are used to improve heat conduction between two surfaces. They help to regulate heat between the microprocessor and heatsink in a laptop. The paste fills in any gaps which may be in the surface of the microprocessor, ensuring the heatsink can do its job of regulating the device’s temperature. 

Install more RAM

RAM is your computer’s memory, where any data being actively used on the device is stored for quick and easy access. You may find you need to add more memory if your PC is running a significant number of software programs. The more RAM you have the faster and more responsive your system will be when you switch from browsing the web to updating a document or any other tasks you may jump between throughout your working day. 

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