All about dog bites and personal injury – everything you need to know!

All About Dog Bites And Personal Injury – Everything You Need To Know!

Some dog bites do not lead to serious complications, but there are thousands that do and require serious medical care and even hospitalization. As compared to adults, children are at a higher risk of getting seriously injured by a dog bite. This article focuses on dog bites and the common questions that come to mind….

5 biggest mac myths debunked

5 Biggest Mac Myths Debunked

Apple is a brand that likes to wow the crowd with pizzazz and exceptional products. The company adds to the anticipation by keeping its projects under wraps till the last moment. Sometimes, even employees don’t know what they are working on, as they work in silos. The ultra-secretive culture in Apple adds to its aura,…

Galaxy digital europe and potential cryptocurrency growth

Galaxy Digital Europe and Potential Cryptocurrency Growth

I’m fascinated by Galaxy Digital Holdings and by extension Galaxy Digital Europe because it is firm within the cryptocurrency sector.  Not only is it in the cryptocurrency sector, it is a publicly traded firm. That’s a bold move in and of itself, especially in a sector that many suspect to be rife with scam artists…

Gaming vs hollywood: how do sales of your favourite games compare to the biggest blockbuster movies?

Gaming vs Hollywood: How Do Sales of Your Favourite Games Compare to the Biggest Blockbuster Movies?

Whenever a blockbuster movie is released, fans as well as all the individuals associated with its production are keen to see how well it performs in the box office. The amount of revenue earned in the first few days after a movie is released is often regarded as one of the most important barometers of…

July’s bookcase club brings action, romance, and heartbreak to your doorstep

July’s Bookcase Club Brings Action, Romance, and Heartbreak to Your Doorstep

July is a bit too hot for my liking, which is all the more reason to stay inside with a good book. That’s what makes the Bookcase Club so convenient, I don’t even have to leave the safety of my air-conditioned home to get them. This month brings action, romance, and heartbreak. Take a look: ‘Not…