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Types of RC Cars You Can Buy

RC cars come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties, from tiny miniature toy cars to trucks that can traverse natural terrain. Thus, there’s no shortage of options for RC enthusiasts. While finding a remote control car that fits your needs is easy, it can sometimes take work to know precisely what you want from one. Whether you want off road RC cars or on-road ones, here are the options. 


On-road cars are the most common type of RC car, and they are designed for paved surfaces, such as asphalt roads and concrete. On-road vehicles differ from off-road because they have a low center of gravity, which provides stability while driving at high speeds.

Some manufacturers produce both on and off road RC cars. These will usually be labeled as “all-terrain” or something similar. These can be used for all types of the driving surface, but some may perform better than others depending on the surface you use them on (paved vs. off-road).

Touring car

You’ve probably seen a touring car before. They’re the most popular RC cars, and you can see them used for all sorts of things, from racing to having fun in the park with friends. A touring automobile is a scale-size replica of a real race car for driving around on pavement or dirt roads. Some come with fancy details like body kits that add even more realism to their appearance (and can cost thousands), while others are more basic and economical to drive around town.


A truggy is an off-road RC automobile with more suspension travel than a buggy. It has a larger battery and motor than a buggy, making it faster and more powerful. Truggies can be used for many different types of racing, such as on-road and off-road racing, hill climbs, drag racing, and oval tracks. Since they are designed for off-road use, they don’t have to follow the same rules as other vehicles. Regarding wheel size or wheelbase restrictions, you can buy any wheels you want for your truggy instead of sticking with stock sizes like what would apply if you were buying something with street-legal tires.


A buggy is an off-road vehicle accommodating a driver and one or two passengers. They became prominent in the mid-1970s because they were cheaper than most ATVs and other vehicles. Buggy drivers can be seen racing each other for fun on dirt tracks across North America and Europe. Buggy races are famous at county fairs, carnivals, festivals, and even private parties where there’s enough space to race correctly. 

These aspects inspired RC manufacturers to create model RC buggies and crawlers that look and function like the real ones. They’re very popular with drivers and spectators. RC rock crawlers, for instance, are of many kinds. These are sturdy and durable hobby toys. Some models are suited for night driving because they have lights fitted. The rear and front lights help the owner to maneuver the vehicle better. Then there are Jeep-style crawlers with the same looks and functions as an actual size one. Their seats are adjustable and detailed dashboards are there.

Monster truck

Monster trucks are larger than the average RC car and can be used on dirt, grass, and mud. They don’t work on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt because their size makes it difficult for them to get traction. Monster trucks have big tires that give them more grip when going over obstacles like logs or boulders.


There are many kinds of remote control cars, and they can be used for racing or stunts. They can be driven in the mud, grass, or ice. Various types of RC automobiles can be purchased at different prices based on size and function.

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