Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

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A new survey reveals that there is a shortage of software developers with nearly 200,000 openings that are difficult to replace each year. In addition to the lack of talent in programming, demand for experienced developers and programmers far outstrips supply. If you’re planning a career in software development, here are the top programming languages that will give you an edge in the information technology (IT) field.

Mainstream Programming Languages

When it comes to traditional programming languages, Java, Objective C, Visual Basic, and SQL are on top of the list. Java is one of the most popular languages given that it can run on different types of computers and devices. It has a ‘high cross-functionality and portability’ making it a versatile and truly independent platform. Another important language program is structured query language (SQL). It offers a better understanding and overview of the applications you are working with. For example, if you’re working on databases, SQL can retrieve, insert, update, delete, create, and execute queries and data. To access the machines that host your databases, make use of Azure SQL Server tutorials to fully manage your data warehouse. Azure SQL Database offers a wide range of features suitable for different business requirements. It is fully managed and updated always. In addition, it does not require manual maintenance and barring cloud problems, will have no downtime.

Python is another programming language that is used by 80% of developers as their main coding language. It is useful for backend development, data science, and app development. YouTube and Google Search are examples of digital tools and platforms developed using Python. Moreover, the language offers a wide library to validate common commands and tasks. It also saves time because programmers can test codes as they go. Not to be overlooked is JavaScript used in web and game development and mobile apps, among others. The program allows coders to generate dynamic web elements including interactive maps, clickable buttons, and animated graphics.

Niche Languages

If you’re interested in learning niche languages, there are several that can be quite lucrative and where demand is higher that supply. One language is Clojure. Used extensively to process large volumes of data, it is suitable for data mining and commercial artificial intelligence. Clojure is easy to learn because it has minimal syntax and is very condensed.

Apart from Clojure, another niche programming language that is worth a second glance is Scala. It is used in data processing, web development, and distributed computing. Although it is regarded as a complex programming language, the demand for Scala developers is high and the position pays well. An alternative to Scala is Kotlin, a flexible programming language useful for data science, web development, and more. It is also easily understood and learned by both beginners and experienced programmers.

Conventional programming languages such as Java, Python, and SQL have a high demand in the market. Lesser-known languages such as Scala and Clojure are also profitable alternatives since demand is expected to be higher than supply.

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