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Top Five Games To Join In The Modding Trend

Video modification or “modding” is popular among video game enthusiasts. The process entails altering certain aspects of a game by fans or players. These features can be anything from the way the game looks or behaves. 

The alterations can range from minor tweaks to overhaul changes to make the game easier to win. Modding is generally not an illegal process. It may be against the specific game’s company policy, and you may be temporarily or permanently banned from playing the game. However, it is not considered unlawful and will not result in criminal prosecution. 

Modding is essentially easier to do on the computer-based version of the game as opposed to on the console. Professional modders and game developers commonly either use Unity or Unreal game engines. Game engines are game development software that allows developers to design and develop games for PC, consoles, and mobile phones. 

For game developers to quickly resolve the Unity vs. Unreal debacle, they must determine which features meet their preferences. The Unity engine uses C#, while Unreal uses C++. Most developers rated Unity as having the best ease of use, while Unreal was rated the best for visual effects quality, rendering, and animation. 

Here are the top five games to join in the modding trend.

Fallout 4

Although Fallout 4 was the second video console game with modding capabilities, it was the first to do it successfully. The game introduced the first era of mods where PC mods could be adapted. Later, the game released a console mod that pioneered the modding trend for consoles in the gaming industry.


Elder Scrolls V by Skyrim is the biggest game that has ever been modded. The game had over 60,000 mods, according to Nexus Mods. The mods can alter every aspect of the game from graphics, creatures, weapons or armor, and clothing. Skyrim is still the most popular modded game with over 6 million downloads as of 2016.

Grand Theft Auto V

Although most of the success of GTA V can be attributed to GTA Online, the modding community, without a doubt, has added to the longevity of the franchise. The alterations include but are not limited to photorealistic graphics and faster loading times.


Minecraft is largely considered as a modder’s paradise. It has been a popular game for a while now. As a result, a plethora of mods exists for the game. There are several updates available as well. Minecraft incorporates a lot of utility mods that allow you to alter the interface of Minecraft and add more features to the game.

Resident Evil 2

Since the Resident Evil 2 game dropped for PCs in 2019, modders have gone to work constantly releasing mod after mod. Although most mods were aesthetic changes, such as altering character models or their clothing, they also updated the game’s graphics and gameplay.

Although mods have been generally unaccepted by game developers in the past, as more developers are jumping on the bandwagon, the idea of allowing players and fans to add their elements and features to games has created successful customer feedback and product improvement environments. That said, with online gaming benefiting mental health, the industry continues to grow and develop to all new heights. 

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