Top Apps to Sell Bitcoin

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You are happy to know that there are plenty of choices on the market if you are trying to purchase, sell and exchange Cryptocurrencies on your smartphone. But it can make it hard to understand which trading application you can use with so much choice. For instance, are you looking for an app that offers leading fees for the industry, or are you interested in trading a particular pair? There have recently been several channels. Platforms such as Bitcoin Pro, Bit Trader, and Coinbase have a new market. Some platforms have released their apps after seeing the number of traders in the recent few weeks. Here is all the information click here.


Therefore, I’d now like to discuss my first choice – eToro, now that you know what variables you need to look for while using a crypto trading app. 

For instance:

You can make this investment at eToro and keep 100 percent ownership if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies. But you can’t get the coins out of a private wallet. As such, they stay on eToro until you wish to redeem them. This is enabled by CFDs, whether you choose to use leverage or short-sell cryptocurrencies. This is made possible by CFDs if you want to exchange crypto across pairs.


Although Coinbase would not be the right crypto trading application for some of you, you will likely be an utter beginner. You may purchase and buy all big cryptocurrencies in the Coinbase program.

It would help if you bought these cryptos traditionally so that you maintain 100% ownership. You will hold the cryptos you have bought in the exchange itself, which is useful if you trade them. Coinbase has never been hit and is one of the best coin custody exchanges. Alternatively, you may exclude your cryptocurrencies from your private wallet via the Coinbase trading app. This is far more consistent with the coins’ crypto ethos of self-custody.


The getaway from Kraken is very challenging. The platform checks most of the right boxes worldwide for crypto investors. Although Coinbase is the largest exchange of USD volumes, Kraken has a close second. In Europe, however, it dominates the euro markets. So all you need is a bank account to purchase Bitcoin from Kraken. Federal money transfer through FedWire or SWIFT is the easiest way of depositing money in USD. 

You have to pay at least $1, and you’ve got a free deposit – nice enough to date. Kraken uses a market maker/buyer framework in terms of Bitcoin trading fees. You’re a business ‘taker’ if you want to use the site to purchase Bitcoin. As such, you will pay a commission of 0.26 percent if you do not wish to trade over $50,000 in one month.

IQ Option

It enables you to enter the future of Bitcoin. The IQ option is made easier by Bitcoin trading via CFD. As such, you can profit from selling coins short of a bearish market without ever having to own the commodity. Furthermore, you can maximize up to 100 times your cryptocurrency position with just a $1 minimum.

Besides Bitcoin, 12 other cryptocurrencies, including forex, inventory, and commodities, can be traded as well. You can also polish your business plans with a practical account through the IQ Option. But there is no restricted access here, unlike many other sites. Instead, as long as you like, you can use the paper trade facility. That is to say, and you can test your strategies on this platform anytime you want. In deposits, withdrawals, IQ Option also provides you with much versatility – with a long range of payment methods. 

Over the years, there has been an increase in interest in binary options – prompting IQ to launch more goods along the same line. You can also select a High/Low binary option with an expiry duration of up to 5 minutes and a Turbo option. 


Changelly is an exchange of cryptocurrencies that does something a little other than the status quo. The key idea of this platform is that when you buy cryptocurrencies, you are aiming to get the best price possible. This is accomplished by an internal algorithm that can search major exchanges in real-time. Changelly provides a wide and limited range of digital currencies. For instance, you’ll find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Chainlink, as well as Bitcoin Cash if you’re looking for big-cap ventures.

Swan Bitcoin Swan is the perfect way to build up Bitcoin using your bank accounts or wires for up to $10M with automatic recurring instant buying. The concept behind this product is to develop your Bitcoin stash slowly but gradually, and yes, Swan is Bitcoin, so you can’t buy any other crypt on Swan. On the other hand, Swan Bitcoin is a 100 percent Bitcoin mission-focused business that offers many educational materials and even a common podcast, so this is a good choice if you’re interested in Bitcoin only.

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