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Top 6 Fun Things to Do in Metaverse

Want to create a virtual reality world? You can do this with the power of Metaverse. It’s a digital world with its own economy, currency and even its own inhabitants.

Metaverse is a virtual reality where you can meet new people, visit unique places, go on adventures and much more. There are plenty of fun things that you can do in Metaverse. Read here to know more!

1. Play games in Metaverse

Do you often gamble in online casinos like pirateplay? You can do that in Metaverse too. Here, you’ll need to find a Play area to play a game. After choosing a game, you can select your difficulty level and start playing. 

Some games that you can play in Metaverse include:

  • Adventurer’s Hangout: In this area, you can meet new people and enjoy mini-games. 
  • Shooting Gallery: This is a shooting range with various weapons.
  • Sports Arena: This is a virtual sports arena where you can play sports and compete against other players.

2. Create and customize your avatar

Users can also create their own avatars and customize their appearance in Metaverse. While creating an avatar, you can make it look just like you. Picking your avatar’s clothes, hairstyle and accessories are also possible here.

You can also choose your avatar’s voice. Users may change the avatar’s appearance and voice at any time. You can meet and interact with other avatars in the different areas of Metaverse.

3. Go shopping in the Metaverse marketplace

The Metaverse marketplace is a virtual store where you can shop for anything you want. There are clothing items, accessories, furniture, decorations and much more. You may use Metaverse tokens (ET) to purchase items in the marketplace. Users can earn tokens by creating content or attending events in Metaverse.

4. Visit landmarks in the city of Eden

There are many landmarks in the city of Eden where you can visit historical events and other memorable places. These landmarks are for wars, historical events and some fictional events. As you visit them, you’ll earn tokens to buy items in the marketplace.

5. Fly through space and time in Limbo

The name of the space and time travel system in Metaverse is Limbo. Here, you can travel back in time and visit historic events. Users may travel through space and visit other planets and solar systems. You can engage in activities in Limbo, earn tokens and increase your experience level.

6. Join or create an online community

There are many communities in Metaverse where you can meet and socialize with new people. You can join an existing community or create your own. When you’re a member of a community, you can share your knowledge and interests with other members. 

Some communities in Metaverse include: 

  • VR Gamers: This is a community of gamers who enjoy playing games in Metaverse.
  • Tech Geeks: This community is for geeks who are interested in new technologies. 
  • Creators: Here artists and other creative people share their art.


The awesome part about Metaverse is that it can be anything you want it to be. The sky’s the limit here. The possibilities are endless, and you can even build your own applications. Visit Metaverse today!

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