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Top 5 Common Safari Problems You Should Know

Most users think of Macs as monster machines that work flawlessly for years and never let their users down. Still, as time goes by, you can notice some flaws and errors in the functioning of your Mac. The reasons may differ, ranging from a virus infiltrating your system to the accelerating clutter and RAM shortage. The problems are also diverse, ranging from Safari issues to slowed performance to unexpected device freezes and shutdowns. 

So, are the annoying flaws in your Mac’s operation a reason to take your Mac to professional repair service? Or should you give up on your dedicated companion to purchase a new gadget? Not necessarily; many issues, such as problems with Safari functioning, can be easily managed on your own. Here is a brief guide on how to get your Safari browser back to normal with minimal input of time and energy. 

Slow Performance 

The slow running of Safari may cause you much trouble, and the first thing to look at is the workload you’re giving to it. If you have opened dozens of tabs in several windows, expecting top speed and performance is unreasonable. So, try to optimize the tab use by closing all websites you don’t need, and you’re likely to see improvements. If that doesn’t work, go to the cache folder and perform a cleanup. Website browsing history may also clutter your Mac’s memory, so its cleaning is also recommended for optimal browsing. 

No Response 

Once you see that Safari stops responding to your commands, the simplest way to address the situation is to close it and relaunch the browser afresh. If that action doesn’t fix the problem, you can fine-tune the Preferences section in the browser menu. The security system can flag some pages and websites, blocking their load and preventing you from routine work. Another method is revisiting your plugins and extensions, some of which may also be the reason for poor performance. 

Regular Safari Crashes 

Safari crashes can get very annoying, especially if you have some vital tabs open and need to reload all essential work or educational resources again and again. The crash problem is usually caused by JavaScript bugs, which are quickly remedied by updating your macOS. If the problem doesn’t disappear, you can again reconsider the number of tabs you open simultaneously. Try to use fewer tabs to see whether the issue will persist. Finally, the browser memory may be the case, and a quick cleanup of memory clutter will bring your Safari back to order. 

Annoying Pop-Ups

Pop-up notifications are a hassle, and even if the source of those notifications is your Mac’s OS, there is still a way out. You may stop the launch of numerous pop-ups by your device by switching the notification feature in the Safari preferences menu. Once this feature is disabled, you will stop viewing those pop-ups. But if you continue seeing annoying messages, then your Mac may be affected by adware launching these notifications to urge you into visiting dubious websites and malware-containing resources. 

Streaming Problems 

Some Mac users mention issues with loading and viewing videos, which might result from an old, non-updated graphic web browser or the absence of vital system files for video streaming. In this case, you need to visit the App Store and download the updated video streaming package to remove the issue. Also, take a look at the video format and compare the required specifications with the ones of your device. Clearing cache and cookies also helps to improve streaming quality and speed. 

Safari Issues Are Manageable 

So, as you can see, most Safari problems can be quickly managed on your own. No need to spend money on expensive repairs and professional consultations. Regular cleanups, optimal memory use, and navigation in the Safari Preferences section can remedy the situation effectively, helping you enjoy your browser’s impressive speed again. 

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