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10 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing that Delivers 10X ROI

There are plenty of ways to make a splash on social media. That is because you are dealing with a
crowd of people who are ready to consume just about any type of content. Plus, people have no
idea what types of content they enjoy, which leaves the door wide open for plenty of

1 – Redo Your Work Up To a Maximum of Three Times

Top quality content always overperforms. Sadly, this often happens over a very long time frame.
Create top quality content by creating something and then flipping a coin. Heads means you
improve it, tails means you post. Do this up to three times, flipping, improving, and the quality of
your content will dramatically improve.

2 – Buy Somebody Else’s Fame

This is becoming a common practice now that websites like exist. You simply find a
social media profile on the system that has your target demographic as followers, and you buy it.
You own the social media profile, you exploit it, and you do it for a fraction of the cost of Google
Ads marketing.

3 – Guest Post About Your Own Content

Are guest posts still a thing? Yes they are, and they are subtly super powerful. Any online chatter
about your social media profiles and content will drive web crawlers towards your content. The
online machine is a gaping hole, screaming out for content. There are AI spiders out there right
now that are reading this article, following its links, and trying to identify consumer interest so
they can exploit it. The results are very slow moving, which leads people to believe that guest
posts have no power, but it is quite the opposite, so make sure you add in a followed link to your
social media content.

4 – Beautiful People All The Time

Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat… all have demonstrated that beautiful people don’t have to try very
hard to create content. Don’t envy the air-headed bimbo who posts pictures of herself trying on a
shoe and has 3 million followers. Simply use beautiful people in your posts and you will get

5 – Cross Media Publish Your Content

Put it on YouTube, chop up parts for TikTok, put your best scenes on Instagram, notify GETTR with
a link, rework the sound and music and publish the same YouTube video on Rumble. Then, link to
them on your Facebook pages with an original comment. Add in Tumblr, Reddit SnapChat and/or
DeviantArt if you are also big on those too.

6 – Recycle Your Own Content

Pull stuff from two years ago, rework the edit, tighten it up (maybe), change the voice over a little
or add different music and re-post. What may not have landed very well 2 years ago may hit the
right note today.

7 – Buy Content From Cheap Producers

Tourism countries do this all the time. Why pay overly privileged Instagram influencers to “Van
Life” it around Thailand when there are people living in Thailand who can create all the video and
photo work you want for a fraction of the cost.

8 – Do a Fair Portion of Your Marketing Offline

A poster in your office window that promotes your social media contest, along with a URL and QR
code, and you have just bought yourself a lot of attention for very little money. Never forget that
the offline world is still full of people who are walking around with their phones. It doesn’t take
much to get them onto your social media profiles through traditional advertising means.

9 – Encourage Others to Promote Your Content and Services

This is the Andrew Tate model of marketing. Give people a sign-up affiliate link to your service. Tell
them to post “Your” promotional content of “You/Your Company” selling the product so the
poster doesn’t have to do any work. The poster gets paid from affiliate clicks, and you get free
advertising since you pay your affiliates with money brought in from new sign ups.

10 – Follow Trends to the Letter

Here is an odd paradox. People are shown TikTok trends, but online articles and videos tell them
to take the trends and twist them. People try this and it fails. It fails because people following
trends are looking for the same stuff over and over again. When people look for chocolate ice
cream, they don’t want chocolate with a twist of ham sandwich. Follow the trends, especially the
ones that TikTok tells you to follow, and follow them to the letter. You will get social media
attention if you do this.

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