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Tips for Filming and Editing Effective Marketing Video Presentations

Social media has created plenty of opportunities for people to share information on various topics. Equally, video marketing has become a reliable and powerful avenue for sharing information. Marketers can now utilize the latest technology to create high-quality videos at a relatively low cost. Videos also tend to be more effective than other ways of sharing information, including articles and links. Also, web users looking for content online are opting for quick-to-find solutions such as infographics and videos. A recent survey has found that video marketing has grown to become a reliable information gathering tool. Marketing videos help a brand build trust and rapport with its target audience. The quality of a video is a reflection of your brand’s reliability and professionalism. Here are proven tips for filming and editing promotional videos.

Take Multiple Shoots

Even seasoned video presenters can make a mistake. However, one mistake video presenters can’t overlook having just a single take. Shooting multiple takes will create more options if one of your takes doesn’t fit your strategy. With multiple takes, a video editor can compile the final sequence from several similar clips instead of relying on just one clip. It costs nothing to shoot another take, even if the first one goes flawless.

Tidy Up Your Clips

Clean up video footage before importing it to an editing tool. Fortunately, advanced editing tools allow users to trim false starts, giggles, and pauses to reduce the length of their clips. Trimmed clips are much easier to adjust than individual clips.

Filming Location Acoustics

Never start shooting a video before checking the acoustics of the shooting location. For example, if that location has an echo, opt for another location. Some audio problems can be fixed in the post-production stage. However, an echo caused by the acoustics of the shooting location can prove a nightmare to fix. So, always consider the acoustics of your shooting location when scouting for possible filming places. A simple thing like soundproofing a studio can save you headaches when editing your video presentation.

Use Effects and Transitions Moderately

Marketers should avoid using radial wipe transitions when making their promo videos. The more attention a video editor draws to their editing or transitions, the more amateurish their marketing videos become. So, if you have to use effects on your editing tool, then use simple transitions.

Background Music Choice

You can present a marketing video without background music. However, if you feel that your video needs background music, be careful about your music choices. Your choice should be suitable for the project you’re working on. Consider the copyrights restrictions for the background music you intend to use on your marketing video. Alternatively, compose your music or opt for royalty-free music. Otherwise, most music is subject to stringent licensing requirements that could land you in costly legal battles.

Avoid Assumptions

Video marketers often assume they can fix errors on their videos in post-production. However, sometimes it might be impossible to correct the contrast and brightness or isolate an individual’s voice in a crowded room in post-production. While all these could be possible with the help of advanced editing tools by Vmation, the post-production stage should be simplified as much as possible. It should be seen as a phase for adding to the fineness of a video and not an opportunity to fix mistakes done during filming.

It has become easier than ever to create polished marketing videos that will impress your target audience. It all depends on the techniques you will deploy and not editing tools. So, you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a video editing tool to produce high-quality marketing videos. Marketers can now make videos with whatever tool they have, including smartphones, by paying attention to the above details.

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