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This Product Can Make Anyone Cool

Being from Texas, I’ve only said “DAMN IT’S HOT” north of 50 times this summer. As it happens, I’m also extremely hot-natured and if I don’t have a fan or a good breeze blowing on me, I tend to sweat quite a bit.

I sleep with it no more than 66° and have a fan blowing full speed on my head but I can’t always do that throughout the day. Sure, I can wear shorts and a light shirt (or no shirt at all if I’m at home as usual), but even then I find myself sweating too damn much.

Especially my, um, nether region. 

Unfortunately, this problem can be exacerbated whenever I’m in a stressful situation, even if it’s a comfortable temperature, and I know for a fact that every man out there has experienced the same all-too-uncomfortable overheated “bits.” I also know that a good portion of women experience the same issue and of course, they have to deal with boob sweat a lot of the time too.

Underwear isn’t something we normally talk about around here but when technology has improved a product in such a way that it raises it above the rest, we’re kind of obligated to tell you about it.

I’m talking about Shinesty and their line of paradICE™ Cooling Underwear that can actually keep you up to 3° cooler. Whether you’re male or female, these undies are super cool in more ways than one.

A Peek Inside Your New Undies

When we take a look at what’s behind these undergarments, pun intended, it comes down to microtechnology and a proprietary Triple Chill Effect®. All of Shinesty’s paradICE™ cooling underwear are made with brrr°® Pro’s enhanced fibers that use micro-cooling technology, concentrated cooling minerals, and are hyper-wicking.

Combined, this intensifies the Triple Chill Effect® and the overall performance of the underwear. In fact, they’re the BEST moisture wicking undies available and Shinesty is so confident that you’ll be a lot cooler, they guarantee that their underwear will lower your skin’s temperature immediately and continuously while wearing them!

For the ladies, you have two great options. In their bralettes, you’ll find mesh in the front and back that along with that hyper wicking fabric, helps keep sweat from running down your back or between the tatas. For the downstairs, Shinesty has several paradICE™ cooling thongs with matching bralettes and of course, they have that Triple Chill Effect® to help keep you cooler.

Guys, there’s really only one thing to say for your cooling underwear – Ball Hammock®. Have your “boys” resting comfortably throughout the day in these breathable undies that are built to withstand the extremes. The paradICE™ boxer briefs also maximize airflow with those strategically placed mesh panels mentioned above and of course, that hyper wicking is guaranteed to keep you cool even in the toughest of situations.

They have several colors and prints to choose from but if you’re like me, you’re also going to end up buying some of the other clothes from Shinesty. They have blazers, Hawaiian shirts, and more for men, and their ladies’ line of clothes includes bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, pajamas, long-sleeve and sleeveless dresses, and again, much more.

Visit Shinesty today because they don’t just have the best cooling underwear, they have the best underwear period.

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