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Things Every PC Gamer Should Have

PC gaming is unlike any other hobby. With the technology, we have now and the technology that is likely on its way in the near future, we can only expect that the games developed for computers will continue to become more complicated, detailed, life-like, and socially based. This probably means we’re going to be spending even more time gaming in the near future than we are now (and we’re spending a lot of time gaming now). Because of this, gamers must look into a few things that can help keep them and their gaming space healthy and happy for years to come. The following will explore the things that PC gamers might not know about, but need for optimal health and gameplay.

The Right Chair-Desk Combo For A Gamer’s Back And Neck

Sitting in front of a screen all day can be a blast, but it tends to be pretty bad for your posture, back, and neck. Over time, people tend to slouch forward while sitting on the computer which can result in damage to the back and neck. This can lead to back pain in the future.

Some gamers find that a standing desk is a perfect solution to this problem, while others lean towards an ergonomic chair or a yoga ball. Some gamers realize that they had all the right pieces in place, but they just hadn’t adjusted them so that they worked well together. Tweaking the height of your chair, desk, or monitor can make a big difference in how you need to angle your body while gaming. It might even be worth looking into a few easy stretches you could be doing between games to make sure that your body isn’t suffering because of your gaming.

Gamers Need Something To Protect The Surfaces Around Them

Gaming can be hard on your desk and your flooring. Experts from suggest a playmat for protecting your desk from scratches and dents. As a bonus, playmats also prevent things like your keyboard and elbows from slipping around which can mean improved gameplay. Like protecting your desk, finding a rug or mat for your floor can keep your gaming from permanently damaging your space. This is particularly important if you have a rolling chair as the wheels tend to scratch and wear down flooring far more quickly than standard chairs do.

Bluelight Protection to Keep The Eyes and Circadian Rhythm Healthy

Research has been done on the light that is emitted from screens and the verdict is in. Blue light is damaging to your eyes, your circadian rhythm (which contributes to the quality of your sleep and hormone production in your body), and even your skin. Quickly, the market rose to the occasion and produced gaming glasses, designed specifically to protect your eyes from hours of staring at a screen.

If you don’t feel like wearing glasses, there are also thin veneers you can put in front of your screen available as well as digital filtering apps that can be downloaded and installed for free on your computer. There are even versions of these apps that can adjust the emission of light based on the time of day which is ideal for your circadian rhythm.

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Something To Keep The Air Fresh And Clean

You could be the cleanest person in the world, but sitting in the same room all day is going to result in stale, smelly air. There are many different ways to fix this. You can open the windows and door to make sure that the air is flowing (turning on a fan can help with this as well). You can get a portable air filter that will keep the air clean and fresh. This is an especially good idea in a basement or high rise apartment where the windows cannot be opened.

If there’s a good amount of natural light in your gaming space, house plants make for the best option as they provide oxygen for the air as they clean it. Having lots of oxygen in the air around you can help keep you focused and your mind sharp, which can only improve your gameplay.

There you have it. As the world of gaming continues to grow, people are expected to spend more time in front of their PC games than ever before. While we can’t wait to see what the games of the future look like, we don’t want to be suffering from back pain and poor eyesight when that time comes. As more people join gaming communities, you might encounter individuals who know nothing about blue light or the effects that gaming can have on their space. Make sure to share helpful information with the gamers you meet so that everyone can enjoy gaming to the maximum.

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