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The Revitalization of Casinos

As the world tries to get back to normal while grappling with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, more people have a reason to smile as they go back to work, gain financial assistance and hope to return to normal.

Most recently, the sounds of this celebration were heard loud and clear from the casino industry, when the multibillion dollar entertainment sector opened for business again.

After over two months of shutdown arising out of COVID-19, Las Vegas casinos resumed operations on Thursday, June 4, 2020. A day later, the hottest hangout spots in Sin City were jam packed, like they had never been closed in the first place.


A Massive Welcome for a Grand Industry

Even amid concerns about the novel coronavirus, those who have been bored out of their wits in the past two months flocked to Las Vegas to enjoy some sense of normalcy. 

Some did it to get a taste of the thrill that only comes from trying their luck on cards, while others took the adventure to tempt fate through slot machines. Other popular casino offerings also stood front and center for many out of state visitors and city residents alike. 

For several facilities on the famous Las Vegas Strip, the horde of visitors during the COVID-19 outbreak came as a pleasant surprise. Due to the pandemic, a majority of casino owners had not been expecting such a warm welcome. But they were glad to be proven wrong nonetheless.  


The Reopening Process Comes With Its Stipulations

Since the reopening process asks for casinos to follow health and safety guidelines and standard operating processes (SOPs), these gambling facilities have returned to normal with adherence to certain stipulations.

For instance, the State of Nevada has only allowed these casinos to resume business after asking them to follow strict sanitation processes, maintain distance between patrons, and operate at a reduced capacity

In practice, this means that casino staff and guests are all required to wear face masks at all times. Hand washing and usage of hand sanitizers is encouraged more than ever. And casino tables are set up in a way that decreases close interaction between guests and dealers. 


Las Vegas Casinos Are Following Through With Expansive Openings

While the June 4 opening weekend was positive beyond expectations, Las Vegas was still operating at less capacity than usual. As such, not all casinos or facilities were open for business at the time. 

With power players such as MGM Resorts leading the effort, many Las Vegas casinos are now planning to reopen all facilities throughout the month of June. 

These reopening efforts also bring great news for casinos in other parts of the U.S., which will look at Sin City’s experiment as their critical guideline while resuming their own operations.

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