The Online Slots Myths For The Sake Of Your Slot Strategy

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It would help if you recognized the integrity of the online casino and online slot games and its applications in general while searching for the best online casino to play online slots. 

The four biggest beliefs about slot machine

Many players have certain slot strategies and beliefs when using online slots and slot machine games. In today’s post, we will clear up the three biggest misconceptions in this area.

1. The chance of a win increases the more time there is no win

The assumption that the number of games without winning increases your chances of winning is wrong. In online slots, random generators decide on the outcome of the game. Think about it as a dice game. If you roll the dice, you will always have a one-sixth chance of rolling a six. The die does not remember that three times a three and four times a two have been cast, and it is time for a six again. Chance alone decides. 

Simultaneously, a probability of one-sixth does not mean that there is actually a six after six throws. It is possible that three times the two, one time the four and twice the one, and yet the probability of rolling a six was a sixth for all throws.

At the same time, this means that the probability of a win has nothing to do with the previous game results for your game on slot machines. Incidentally, this also applies to your game at the casino tables.

Ultimately, regardless of theories, strategies and superstitions, you are giving yourself into the hands of Fortuna or chance.

2. New slot games are always better than old ones

While many players are certainly out for the latest slot machines and these online slots games to contain many cool features such as videos and stories, it cannot be said that the new online slots are always better than old ones.

After all, many old slots have established themselves over a long period of time. The way they work is often more straightforward and easier to understand than that of new slot machines, and you immediately feel “at home” with your slot, which you have already spent some time with.

Even the old classics, such as fruit and bell slots, which simply work with three reels and a number of symbols – without any wilds or bonus rounds – still offer a lot of fun and are so uncomplicated that you can get started right away.

3. Slot machines are not as interesting as table games

Table games have their own charm. However, as with online slots, at least with the top online casinos, the results are decided by random generators, and the results do not differ: either you win or not.

So don’t force yourself to sit at casino tables just because you might think the odds of winning are higher. Because while land-based casinos do not usually have as high payouts as table games, this is not the case with online casinos. 

4. Slot machines are more difficult to win than table games

This common assumption is also wrong. Online slots basically differ between those with a high variance and those with low variance. A high variance means that you win less often, and the winnings are higher. Low variance means that you win more often, but the profit amounts are also lower. 

So if you gamble for fun and want long casino chats, a low variance will be beneficial for you. However, if you are looking for the risk and want to win large amounts of money, then there is exactly the right slot machine for you – namely those with a high variance.

Why are some slot machines becoming evergreens?

It is a question that many players in online casinos and slot machine developers often ask themselves: Why are some slot machines becoming evergreens and still enthusiastically played by many players even after many years, while other slot machines do not knock anyone off their feet after a short time?

We have carried out extensive analyzes and noticed that one thing above all distinguishes the “classics” from many new developments. And that is its simplicity.

This result of our analysis is a little surprising when you consider how much work and innovation the manufacturers of casino software put into the development of new features and interesting slots with bonuses and free spins. And yet it seems to be true: the less “bells and whistles” and the unexpected happen, the more casino players prefer to play the slot machines.

Try a round of Starburst

The Starburst slot machine from NetEnt is a good example of a simple and more popular slot machine. With 10 ways to win, the combinations remain manageable, and you can cheer even more. All symbols are kept just as simple and still convince with their design. The slot machine’s variance is nicely balanced so that you profit from winnings with regularity. You are looking for bonus rounds, and enormous free slots spins features here for free. And yet the slot machine has wild symbols that make winning easier.

Starburst shows very well that it doesn’t take much to create an entertaining slot machine. Try a round on this popular slot machine yourself.

Play Book of Dead for free

For example, try your hand at the Book of Dead. This slot machine comes from Play’n Go, and its unique atmosphere and exciting theme ensure an enormous number of die-hard fans. Book of Dead is also practically incomparable when it comes to gaming fun.

The Book of Dead functions are kept simple and simple and know how to convince with regular profits. Try a few games on this one-armed bandit yourself – you might find your new favorite slot yourself.

And last but not least: the classics

Of course, you also have to mention the countless fruit slots that know how to impress their simple functions and simple design. If you like it really simple, you can use Fire Joker from Play’n GO. Three rows and three reels with simple symbols have delighted online slots players from all over the world since the beginning because the simplicity of these true slot machine classics can quickly convince. 

Lend a hand yourself and try your hand at Fire Joker for a few rounds in the spin room.

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