The Main Advantages of Mobile Versions of Online Casinos

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Mobile games became a massive hit ever since android phones and iPhones were introduced. Smartphones are also one of the reasons online gambling became more popular. The first online casino was created in the 90s, but there was no strong infrastructure to support such entertainment. Not many people had a PC, let alone an internet connection. Today lots of popular operators have mobile casino apps that provide almost identical experiences to the one on the PC. Many might view mobile versions of games as inferior, as they are optimized for small screen devices and weaker hardware. However, there are many advantages of mobile versions of online casino games, so let’s see in which sense they are better. 

Easier Payments 

Payments are one of the main advantages of using mobile apps for gaming. Lots of apps have stores and generate revenue through selling digital goods. The same is true for online casinos, and being able to pay within seconds, makes for a more satisfying experience. That being said, paying via PC is also really easy and fast, but you must use your smartphone if you wish to pay via SMS. Lots of fast payout online casino apps allow you to use a mobile payment system or even SMS to make a deposit. This is great as you don’t have to share your payment information with the operator, and those transactions won’t be displayed on your bank statement as well. 

The Casino is Always Accessible  

The main perk of having a mobile casino is that users will be able to play regardless of where they are. They don’t even need wi-fi if they use the internet package from the phone provider. This is why it’s so important that the site is fully optimized for small screens, or to have an app that can be installed. Users love to play in private, or they might be interested in giving slots a few spins during the lunch break. The point is that it takes a few seconds to log in and start playing, and you can have a satisfying play session even if it only lasts for 10 minutes.

This makes it more budget-friendly since you would be spending lots of cash and time to reach the real casino and probably to get a few drinks while you are there. Also, many players have families and kids, so it’s not always possible for them to play on a PC, especially if someone else is using it. Therefore, being able to play on a smartphone is a massive advantage. 

Additional Bonuses 

Internet gambling platforms are famous for offering all sorts of different promotions. In fact, users are quite excited to examine different options and see who has a better bonus offer. Operators who want players to have their app installed on the phone are likely to give additional incentives as a call to action. By installing the app, users will receive new notifications about content changes, or about future promotions as well. Also, they are more likely to play on that app since they don’t have to use the browser anymore. 

So, it’s quite clear that operators benefit and it’s in their best interest for players to have their app on their smartphones. Furthermore, the games will likely run better as they would be optimized for the operating system and the latest hardware. If you use a browser-based application you are basically relying on an app within an app to play the games.  


It’s also worth pointing out that many operators host online tournaments, where players compete against one another. There are tournaments for slots, and of course, poker tournaments. When you use your phone you can set a reminder, and ensure you don’t miss out on these special events. You might be stuck in traffic, or unable to reach your PC, and in those moments having a mobile casino is a real perk. These things might be weekly or monthly events, so if you miss them it can feel disappointing, as you will have to wait for another one. 


Obviously there are many perks to playing on mobile, and it’s no wonder that this feature has elevated the online gambling industry. Many players plan to become professional gamers, and want to constantly hone their skills in order to achieve this goal. Of course, this increased accessibility might impact one’s spending habits, therefore it’s important to be cautious. Don’t gamble with money you are not comfortable losing, and closely monitor your expenses. Playing on your phone always gives you a good insight into how long you’ve been gambling, so try to limit your time on these apps.  

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