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The Influence of the Egyptian Pyramids in Gaming

Virtual Adventures in Ancient Egypt

Some people have that adventure gene, that makes them get out of their comfort zone and jump into the unknown. The entertainment industry cashed in on these people by making movies and virtual games with a theme based on these preferences. The Indiana Jones series is a good example.

On the other hand, video-games have a larger variety. From old adventure virtual games like Prince of Persia that appeared in 1989, all the way to the last Tomb Raider game, they were all about searching into the unknown.

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Egyptian Pyramids as an Influence in Virtual Games

When it comes to adventure, the entertainment industry likes to use the Middle East as the main stage. Maybe because the deserts found in this region give a mysterious feel. Even today, there is no final theory to explain how the pyramids in Egypt were made.

Yet, people are still searching for answers and even if they don’t find anything new. They still enjoy the searching process. Therefore, the Egyptian pyramids are a great influence and this effect can be seen on kids wearing mummy costumes during the Halloween season.

Today, the adventure theme can be found anywhere, even in a casino. The best example is Book of Ra. This is a slot game that tells the story of an explorer searching for the book of Ra in the world of ancient Egypt. While playing this game you try to get the book symbol, which is the joker and the bonus symbol. There are two main versions of this game, classic and deluxe. In the classic version, the game has 5 reels and 9 lines and the deluxe version has 5 reels, 10 lines and better graphics.

In Brief

Today, the adventure gene can be satisfied from a computer. Watching an Indiana Jones movie or playing an adventurous video-game can make everything faster, easier, and very enjoyable.

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